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  • Variants

    • Dictyoptera
    • Manteodea
    • Mantes
    • Mantids
    • Mantises
    • Mantoidea
    • Soothsayers (Insects)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 2001004847: Hipp, A. Orchid mantises, 2003.
    • found: NMNH [Smithsonian] world list of terrestrial arthropod families WWW site, Sept. 26, 2001(order Mantodea, class Insecta)
    • found: Phone call to S. Miller, chair, Smithsonian Dept. of Entomology. Sept. 26, 2001(order Mantodea; Smithsonian follows classification in CSIRO's Insects of Australia, the most scholarly modern source)
    • found: Insects of Australia, c1991:v. 1, p. 348 (mantids; originally classified as family in order Orthoptera, or combined with Blattodea in Dictyoptera; Mantodea now more generally regarded as separate order)
    • found: Index to organism names WWW site, Sept. 25, 2001(order Dictyoptera, suborder Mantodea)
    • found: Nomina insecta nearctica WWW site, Sept. 25, 2001(class Insecta, subclass Dicondylia, infraclass Pterygota, division Neoptera, subdivision Dictyoptera, order Mantodea)
    • found: Integrated toxonomic information sytems WWW site, Sept. 25, 2001(order Dictyoptera, family Mantidae [Mantodea not mentioned])
    • found: a Borror insects, c1989:p. 227 (order Mantodea, mantids, contains 8 families, most tropical; alternate classification as part of order Orthoptera or Dictyoptera)
    • found: Arnett Am. insects, 2000:p. 189 (order Dictyoptera, mantids and cockroaches; suborder Mantodea)
    • found: Brues classif. insects, 1954:p. 84 (order Orthoptera, suborder Manteodea; alt. spellings Mantoidea, Mantodea)
    • found: LC data base, Sept. 25, 2001(mantises; mantids or soothsayers; Mantodea)
    • found: Random House dict.(mantis, pl. -tises, -tes; also mantid)
  • LC Classification

    • QL505.83-QL505.96
  • Change Notes

    • 2001-09-26: new
    • 2001-11-20: revised
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