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Ethnographic films

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    • Anthropological films
    • Ethnographic videos
    • Ethnological films
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    • Ethnographic videos
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    • found: Work cat.: Dead birds [VR] 199-, c1964(Describes a photographic and ethnographic study which was sponsored by the Peabody Museum from Feb. 1961 to Nov. 1963 of the Dani, a people dwelling in the Grand Valley of the Baliem, high in the mountains of West New Guinea)
    • found: Hosay Trinidad [VR] 1999:container ("An ethnographic film about the observance of ShiÊ»ite Muharram rites on the island of Trinidad.")
    • found: A l'ombre du soleil [VR] 1998:container ("A film about a Dogon funeral and enthronement ritual.")
    • found: Lopez, D. Films by genre, c1993:p. 79 (subcategory Ethnographic Film (Anthropological Film, Nature Film) in category Documentary. Ethnographic films deal with the cultural and sociological aspects of different peoples. They may focus on primitive or modern societies, but they always seek to fathom the beliefs and societal systems by which the societies operate so that others may learn to understand them. In this respect, they are different from most travel films which concentrate superficially on a cultural group or on its most glamorous aspects.)
    • found: Yee, M.M. Moving image materials, 1988(Anthropological works. Use for nonfiction film or video whose subject is or prominently includes the study of man, his physical character, races, environmental and social relations, and culture. Use to describe field footage generated by anthropologists for study and research purposes. UF Ethnographic works. BT Documentaries and factual works)
    • found: Taves, B. The moving image genre-form guide, via WWW, Mar. 27, 2002(Ethnographic. Nonfiction work documenting specific cultures or types of peoples, including field footage by cultural anthropologists or researchers and edited, analytical work seeking to understand the beliefs, customs, and social systems of various cultures or ethnic groups. Note: Do not use for general histories or analyses of man. For superficial appearances of cultures in work focusing on travel and places, use Travelogue. Not necessary to also use Documentary, since that is implied by the term Ethnographic. Film examples: The ax fight; The holy ghost people; Nanook of the North; The Nuer)
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