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us: Made-for-TV movies

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    • us: Features, Television
    • us: Made-for-television films
    • us: Made-for-television motion pictures
    • us: Made-for-television movies
    • us: Made-for-TV films
    • us: Made-for-TV motion pictures
    • us: Tele-features
    • us: Telefeatures
    • us: Telefilms
    • us: Telemovies
    • us: Telepics
    • us: Television features
    • us: Television films
    • us: Television movies
    • us: Vidpics
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    • found: Work cat.: Brian's song, c2000: container (one of the best-loved movies ever made for television)
    • found: Lopez, D. Films by genre, c1993 (Television Movie (Made-for-TV Movie, Movie-for-TV, Movie Made-for-Television, Telefeature, Telefilm, TV Movie, TVM, Vidpic). Formerly, the designation television film used to mean a film of any length (including information and entertainment films) made for the purpose of being shown on television; in recent times, the term telefilm or TV film is generally used to mean a feature-length narrative film made exclusively for television, although some are released theatrically or made available on video-cassette. Made-for-television films are not a recent innovation ... only since 1972 that telefeatures telecast on American networks outnumbered theatrical films shown on TV ... Miniseries, novels for television and some docudramas are forms which differ from TV movies only by their greater length.)
    • found: TV genres, 1985: pp. 151-152 (chapter title: The American made-for-TV movie; TV movies; telefeature; telefilms; vidpics; movies made-for-television; the made-for-TV movie is a rich and varied genre, encompassing its own unique formal, stylistic, and topical strategies on which the process of definition and evaluation can continue to develop; can be divided into three categories/subgenres: the telefeature, the docudrama, and the mini-series; telefeature refers to a fictional narrative produced for TV that is a discrete entity occupying at least 90 "commercial" minutes but not exceeding one evening of programming; docudrama is a story film designed to recreate actual persons, places, and events; mini-series is an extended telefeature or docudrama that is broadcast in multiple segments over two or more nights) pp. 175-180 (videography includes: Brian's Song; The Night Stalker; That Certain Summer; Rich Man, Poor Man; Sybil; Roots; Holocaust; Shogun; The Day After)
    • found: The television genre book, 2001: p. 13 (made-for-TV movie)
    • found: Singleton, R.S. Filmmaker's dict., c2000 (made-for-TV movie: Film produced for airing on television. Later, it may have a domestic video or foreign theatrical release. Also called a movie for television, TV movie, telefilm or telepic)
    • found: Yee, M.M. Moving image materials, 1988 (Made for TV movies. Use for a feature-length fictional fictional film made for television broadcast rather than for theatrical release. UF Films on television, Movies on television, TV movies, Telefeatures, Television broadcasting of films (LCSH), Television films, Television movies)
    • found: The moving image genre-form guide, via WWW, Mar. 29, 2002 (Television feature. Individual fictional work (often called "Made for TV movie") presented on television, usually running from 90 minutes to three hours in length (which may include commercials), and is not part of a regular series or mini-series. Used for Made for TV movie; Television movie)
    • found: OCLC database, Mar. 29, 2002 (TV movies; telefilms; telemovies; movies and miniseries made for TV and cable; tele-features; television films; science fiction, fantasy, and horror films made for television; Movies made for television : the telefeature and the mini-series)
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    • 2015-12-29: revised
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