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  • Here are entered works on deliberate acts of self-harm in which there is no intent to die. Works on attempted suicide are entered under [Suicidal behavior.]

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    • Deliberate self-harm
    • Harm, Deliberate self-
    • Non-fatal self-harm
    • Parasuicidal behavior
    • Self-harm, Deliberate
    • Self-harm, Non-fatal
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    • found: Work cat.: Shaw, S.L. Prompting events for parasuicide and drug use in borderline personality disorder, 2001:p. 1 (parasuicide, defined broadly as both unsuccessful suicide attempts and deliberate self-harm inflicted with no intent to die)
    • found: Soul's self-help central, via WWW, Aug. 21, 2002(parasuicide, sometimes called deliberate self-harm, occurs when one mimics the act of suicide, but does not have the initial intent to die or end up killing themselves)
    • found: Xrefer, via WWW, Aug. 21, 2002:Concise medical dict. (parasuicide: a self-injuring act (such as an overdose of sleeping tablets) that is not motivated by a genuine wish to die. It differs from attempted suicide in being common in young people who are distressed but not seriously mentally ill. However, many people who have acted in this way go on to attempt, or even to achieve, suicide; suicide: self-destruction as a deliberate act. Distinction is usually made between attempted suicide, when death is averted although the person concerned intended to kill himself (or herself), and parasuicide, when the attempt is made for reasons other than actually killing oneself) Oxford English ref. dict. (parasuicide: 1) apparent attempted suicide without the actual intention of killing oneself 2) a person who has carried out or is considered likely to carry out such action) Macmillan encyc. (Psychologists have ... distinguished between attempted suicide (when death is intended but averted) and parasuicide (when self-injury but not death is intended))
    • found: Suicide & parasuicide : the suicidology Web, via WWW, Aug. 20, 2002:glossary (parasuicide: non-fatal self-injurious behavior; non-fatal act of self-harm; a suicide gesture)
    • found: Field, A. Suicide and parasuicide, via WWW, Aug. 20, 2002(Attempted suicide, parasuicide, and deliberate self harm are all terms that are often used interchangeably. They all describe non-fatal acts of self harm that arise for a variety of different reasons.)
    • found: Brown, M. The relationship between shame and parasuicide in borderline personality disorder, via WWW, Aug. 20, 2002(Parasuicide is defined as intentional, acute, self-injurious behavior or putting one's self at imminent risk of death or injury with or without intent to die; parasuicidal behavior; parasuicidal acts)
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    • Here are entered works on deliberate acts of self-harm in which there is no intent to die. Works on attempted suicide are entered under [Suicidal behavior.]
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    • Note under [Suicidal behavior]
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    • 2002-08-22: new
    • 2002-11-20: revised
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