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Systemic therapy (Family therapy)

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    • us: Family systems therapy
    • us: Systemic family therapy
    • us: Systems therapy, Family
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    • found: Work cat.: Louw, W.P. The learning and teaching of systemic therapy : an action research approach, 2000.
    • found: BehaveNet-Clinical capsule : family psychotherapy : systemic therapy, March 26, 2002: main menu (Systemic therapy)
    • found: Walker, G. In the midst of winter : systemic therapy with families, couples, and individuals with AIDS infection, 1991.
    • found: Roth, A. What works for whom, a critical review of psychotherapy research, 1996: p. 8 ("The systemic approach is a relatively new model of psychological disturbance. The intellectual roots of the approach lie in anthropology as well as cybernetics ... the approach is most usefully applied to the system of the family, where each family member is seen as a unit within the system and the clients problem behavior is generated by its malfunctioning. Systemic therapists use advice, suggestion, paradoxical injunction, symptom prescription, making of boundaries, and an emphasis on the positive value of symptoms for the whole family as a way of bringing about change for the family system.)
    • found: Sharf, R.S. Theories of psychotherapy & counseling, 2000: p. 499 (Family systems therapy is a type of family therapy that attends to the interactions of family members and views the entire family as a unit or system.)
    • found: Goldenberg, I. Family therapy, an overview, 2000: p. 180 (family systems therapy (Bowen)) p. 245 (Milan systemic family therapy)
    • found: Becvar, D. Family therapy, a systemic integration, 2000: p. 3 (systemic family therapy)
    • found: Flaskas, C. Therapeutic relationships in systemic therapy, 1996: p. xiii (family systems therapy)
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    • 2002-09-10: new
    • 2002-10-24: revised
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