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Rankine cycle

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    • us: Cycle, Rankine
    • us: Cycle, Steam
    • us: Steam cycle
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    • found: Work cat.: Nyland, Ted W. High-temperature transient pressure transducer for use in liquid-metal systems, 1969: p. 1-2 ("Recent efforts to develop Rankine cycle space power systems have created new requirements for instrumentation ... The pressure measurement systems that meet these requirements are severely limited in frequency response ... Several areas of study growing out of the Rankine cycle space power development program need transient pressure data ... Also, in the design of automatic controls for Rankine cycle power systems, the transient behavior must be measured so that overall system stability can be assured ...")
    • found: McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms, 2003: p. 1748-1749 ("Rankine cycle - (thermo[dynamics]) - An ideal thermodynamic cycle consisting of heat addition at constant pressure, isentropic expansion, heat rejection at constant pressure, and isentropic compression; used as an ideal standard for the performance of heat-engine and heat-pump installations operating with a condensable vapor as the working fluid, such as a steam-power plant. Also known as steam cycle")
    • found: Chambers dictionary of science and technology, 1999: p. 960 ("Rankine cycle - (Eng[ineering]) - a composite steam plant cycle used as a standard of efficiency, comprising introduction of water by a pump to boiler pressure, evaporation, adiabatic expansion to condenser pressure, and condensation to initial point")
    • found: Academic Press dictionary of science and technology, 1992: p. 1797 ("Rankine cycle - thermodynamics - an ideal thermodynamic cycle that consists of four processes: heat transfer to the system at constant pressure; an expansion at constant entropy; a constant-pressure heat transfer from the system; and a compression at constant entropy; used as a standard of efficiency. Also, steam cycle")
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    • 2003-01-02: new
    • 2003-02-10: revised
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