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Absolute pitch

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    • Perfect pitch
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    • found: Work cat.: 2002407727: Köhler, D.A. Gehörbildung für Absoluthörer, c2001.
    • found: WWW site, Oct. 24, 2003(Absolute pitch: The ability either to identify the chroma (pitch class) of any isolated tone, or to reproduce a specified chroma without reference to an external standard. The popular term "perfect pitch" is misleading)
    • found: Music index WWW site, Oct. 24, 2003(absolute pitch)
    • found: New Harvard dict. mus.(Absolute pitch: The ability to name a pitch (in reference to the musical scale) or produce a pitch designated by name without recourse to any external source or standard. The term perfect pitch is misleading because varying degrees of ability are observed)
    • found: Oxf. comp. mus., 2002(under Ear and hearing: absolute (or perfect) pitch)
    • found: Baker's dict. mus.(perfect pitch; also called absolute pitch)
    • found: Web. 3(absolute pitch: 1. the position of a tone in reference to the whole range of pitch or to a standard scale and independently determined by its rate of vibration--distinguished from relative pitch. 2. the sense or memory of absolute pitch; the ability to sing or name a note asked for or heard)
    • found: Amer. heritage dict., 4th ed., via, Oct. 24, 2003(absolute pitch: 1. The precise pitch of an isolated tone, as established by its rate of vibration measured on a standard scale. 2. (Music) The ability to identify any pitch heard or produce any pitch referred to by name. Also called perfect pitch)
    • found: Oxf. Eng. dict. WWW site, Oct. 24, 2003(absolute pitch: Mus., (a) a fixed standard of pitch determined by the rate of vibration; (b) used of the ability to recognize or reproduce the pitch of a note)
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    • 2003-10-24: new
    • 2003-12-02: revised
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