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Dust Bowl Era, 1931-1939

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    • Dustbowl Era, 1931-1939
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    • found: USDA, Agricultural Research Service Web site, August 12, 2003("The Dust Bowl era was the period of drought from 1931 to 1939 that had severe wind erosion.")
    • found: PBS "American Experience" Web site, August 12, 2003(Surviving the Dust Bowl (Time period: 1931-1939) - "Lured by the promise of rich, plentiful soil, thousands of settlers came to the Southern Plains, bringing farming techniques that worked well in the North and East. The farmers subsequently plowed millions of acres of grassland, only to have the rains stop in the summer of 1931. The catastrophic eight-year drought that followed led observers to rename the region "The Dust Bowl.")
    • found: WWW, August 12, 2003(The term "Dust Bowl Era" is commonly found using Google or other search engines. Various date spans are found, most frequently "the 1930s" or "1931-1939.")
    • found: Encyc. Britannica("Dust Bowl, a section of the Great Plains of the United States. The region ... suffered a severe drought in the early 1930s that lasted several years.")
    • found: World Book encyc.("Dust Bowl refers to a series of destructive wind and dust storms that struck the United States during the 1930s. A drought that lasted seven years began in 1931.")
    • found: Academic American encyc.("Dust Bowl is a popular name for the region that includes the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and adjacent parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Kansas. The area suffered from severe drought between 1934 and 1937.")
    • found: Encyc. Americana("Dust Bowl, a popular term describing a region ... which was devasted by drought in 1933-1939.")
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