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    • Afrotheres
    • Afrotheria
    • Afrotherian mammals
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    • found: Work cat.: Afrotherian conservation, June 2002:p. 1 (over last few years, increasing molecular evidence for an ancient radiation of mammals in Africa, the Afrotheria; Afrotheres; includes elephants, sea cows, hyraxes, aardvark, sengis or elephant-shrews, tenrecs, and golden-moles) p. 4 (paenungulates (elephants, hyraxes, and sea cows) and sengis, aardvark, golden moles and tenrecs are all more closely related to each other than to any other extant placental mammal; superordinal name, Afrotheria)
    • found: IUCN/SSC Afrotheria Specialist Group home page, Mar. 9, 2003:What is Afrotheria? (The development of molecular techniques to explore the evolutionary relationships of animals has resulted in scientists gathering overwhelming support for a common African ancestry for several "odd" groups of mammals. This ancient radiation of African mammals, the Afrotheria, includes seven groups with little superficial resemblance to each other: the elephants, sea cows, and hyraxes; the aardvark and sengis (or elephant-shrews), and the golden-moles and tenrecs. Afrotherian systematics (Superorder: Afrotheria))
    • found: Texas A&M Univ. Dept. of Biology, Biology 4429-Mammalogy Fall 2003 home page, viewed Mar. 9, 2003:lecture schedule/Oct. 14 (The superorder Afrotheria is based on molecular evidence that indicates the relationship of tenrecs, golden moles, elephant shrews, aardvarks, and tethytheres ("Paenungulata" - elephants, sirenians, and hyraxes). Tethytheres and possibly aardvarks had been considered to be ungulates. Classification: Superorder Afrotheria, consists of Order Afrosoricida, Family Tenrecidae (tenrecs, otter-shrews), Family Chrysochloridae (golden moles); Order Macroscelidea (elephant shrews); Order Tubulidentata (aardvark); Order Hyracoidea (hyraxes, dassies); Order Proboscidea (elephants); Order Sirenia, Family Dugongidae (dugong), Family Trichechidae (manatees))
    • found: Hedges, S.B. Afrotheria : plate tectonics meets genomics, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003(Afrotheria is a superorder that contains six orders: the elephants (Order Proboscidea), sea cows (Sirenia), hyraxes (Hyracoidea), aardvark (Tubulidentata), elephant shrews (Macroscelidea), and golden moles and tenrecs (Afrosoricida); Afrotheria is the most strongly supported grouping of mammalian orders in molecular phylogenies; afrotherians)
    • found: Kimball's biology pages, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003(Afrotheria. 5 orders (Tubulidentata, aardvarks; Macroscelidea, elephant shrews; Hyracoidea, hyraxes; Sirenia, manatee, dugong; Proboscidea, elephants) arose in what is today the continent of Africa. They appear to be the most primitive of the placental mammals)
    • found: PNAS news archive, January 20-January 24, 2003, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003("The ancestor to all placental mammals may have had a chromosome set similar to the modern-day aardvark, according to new research in an article published this week in PNAS. Aardvarks belong to a superorder of mammals known as the Afrotheria, a group thought to have evolved on Africa when that continent was isolated from the others through plate tectonics. While genetic research has supported the relatedness of animals in this superorder, scientists are still at odds over whether the placental mammal ancestor resides in the Afrotheria or another group.")
    • found: Science daily, Feb. 2, 2001, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003("A team of biologists led by Mark Springer at the University of California, Riverside and including Ronald DeBry of the University of Cincinnati report in the Feb. 1 issue of Nature that an intensive analysis of DNA sequences provides strong support for a grouping Springer dubs 'Afrotheria.' The group includes a variety of placental mammals from elephants to elephant shrews. And add in aardvarks, manatees, and hyraxes to boot.")
    • found: Nature science update, 1 Feb. 2001, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003("'Afrotheria' includes elephants, aardvarks, sirenians, hyraxes and a few other groups. The Afrotheria grouping was revealed by molecular work several years ago and, despite initial controversy, is increasingly well supported. The Afrotheria is thought to represent the last relics of a very early radiation in mammalian history specific to Africa.")
    • found: E-mail from Don E. Wilson, Div. of Mammals, Smithsonian Inst., Mar. 28, 2003(although superorders are not used in Mammal species of the world "I am reorganizing the sequence of orders in the new edition to reflect the thinking that underlies recognition of Afrotheria, so you can assume that we do in fact agree with it")
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    • 2003-03-09: new
    • 2003-05-29: revised
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