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    • Insectivores (Mammals)
    • Tenrecomorpha
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    • Insectivores (Mammals)
  • Sources

    • found: Afrotherian systematics, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003(Order Afrosoricida or Tenrecomorpha, Superorder Afrotheria. Stanhope et al. (1998) grouped golden moles and tenrecs in the new order Afrosoricida. The existence of this clade, and its affinities with other Afrotherian taxa, is strongly supported by phylogenies based on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences and protein sequence signatures. Valid name for this order is possibly Tenrecomorpha Butler, 1956.)
    • found: Afrotherian conservation, June 2002:p. 4 (a clade containing tenrecs and golden moles (termed "Afrosoricida" by Stanhope et al. (1998) seems to be well-supported by both molecular and morphological evidence)
    • found: Texas A&M Univ. Dept. of Biology, Biology 4429-Mammalogy Fall 2003 home page, viewed Mar. 9, 2003:lecture schedule/Sept. 16 (molecular evidence indicates golden moles and tenrecs belong in the Afrotheria, a taxonomic group that also includes elephants, sea cows, hyraxes, aardvarks, elephant shrews. A new order "Afrosoricida" comprises Chrysochloridae (golden moles) and Tenrecidae (tenrecs)) Oct. 14 (Order Afrosoricida: Family Tenrecidae (tenrecs, otter-shrews), Madagascar, Africa; Family Chrysochloridae (golden moles), Africa. Superorder Afrotheria)
    • found: Classification zoologique des insectivores et Afrosoricides = Insectivora and Afrosoricidae classification, via WWW, Mar. 9, 2003(new order based on molecular data: Afrosoricida, superorder Afrotheria, two families, Tenrecidae and Chrysochloridae)
    • found: E-mail from Don E. Wilson, Div. of Mammals, Smithsonian Inst., Mar. 28, 2003(upcoming revision of Mammal species of the world will recognize Afrosoricida; sequence of orders in the new edition will be reorganized to reflect recognition of the superorder Afrotheria)
    • found: ITIS, August 23, 2018(Afrosoricida; order; Synonym: Insectivora)(Insectivore; Taxonomic Status: invalid; valid names: Afrosoricida, Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha; Common name: insectivores)
  • LC Classification

    • QL737.A35-QL737.A357
  • Change Notes

    • 2003-03-09: new
    • 2019-01-24: revised
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