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Alaska Earthquake, Alaska, 1964

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    • Alaskan Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
    • Good Friday Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
    • Good Friday Great Alaskan Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
    • Great Alaska Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
    • Great Alaskan Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
    • Prince William Sound Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
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    • found: GeoRef Thes.(Alaska earthquake, 1964)
    • found: USGS Earthquake Hazards Program/Largest Earthquakes in the U.S. web site, Apr. 1, 2003(Prince William Sound, Alaska 1964 March 28. This great earthquake and ensuing tsunami took 125 lives and caused about $311 million in property loss. Earthquake effects were heavy in many towns, including Anchorage, Chitina, Glennallen, Homer, Hope, Kasilof, Kenai, Kodiak, Moose Pass, Portage, Seldovia, Seward, Sterling, Valdez, Wasilia, and Whittier. Anchorage, about 120 km. northwest of the epicenter, sustained the most severe damage to property.)
    • found: LC database, Apr. 1, 2003(titles: Alaska's Good Friday earthquake, March 27, 1964; The great Alaska earthquake of 1964)
    • found: Pararas-Carayannis, G. The March 27, 1964, Great Alaska Earthquake, via WWW, May 8, 2003("The second largest earthquake of the 20th century and the largest ever recorded in the northern hemisphere, occurred in Alaska on March 27, 1964 (3/27/64 05:36:14.0 p.m., local time; 3/28/64 03:36:14.0 GMT). The earthquake had a magnitude 9.2 (Moment Magnitude) and caused extensive damage in Alaska. Local tsunami waves triggered by this earthquake were extremely destructive in Prince William Sound and other areas of Alaska. A Pacific-wide tsunami was generated which was destructive in Western Canada, Oregon, California and the Hawaiian islands ... The aftershock zone of the Great Alaska Earthquake was about 250 km wide and extended from about 15 km north of Valdez in Prince William Sound for 800 km to the SW end of Kodiak Island to about 55 km. south of the Trinity Islands.")
    • found: Yahoo! search, May 8, 2003(Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964; 1964 Good Friday Great Alaskan Earthquake; Alaska Earthquake, March 27, 1964; Great Alaskan Earthquake; Great Alaskan Earthquake & Tsunamis of 1964; 1964 Alaskan Earthquake; Alaskan Earthquake of 1964; 1964 Alaskan Earthquake and Tidal Wave)
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    • 2003-05-14: revised
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