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us: Groundfishes

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    • us: Benthic fish
    • us: Benthic fishes
    • us: Bottom-dwelling fish
    • us: Bottom-dwelling fishes
    • us: Bottom fish
    • us: Bottom fishes
    • us: Bottomfish
    • us: Bottomfishes
    • us: Ground fish
    • us: Ground fishes
    • us: Groundfish
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: The 1999 Northwest Fisheries Science Center Pacific west coast upper continental slope trawl survey of groundfish resources off Washington, Oregon, and California, 2002.
    • found: WaU online catalog, Dec. 9, 2003 (groundfish; ground fish; groundfishes; bottomfish; bottom fish; bottomfishes; bottom fishes; benthic fish; benthic fishes; bottom dwelling fish species)
    • found: FAO Fisheries glossary, via WWW, Dec. 9, 2003 (Groundfish: A species or group of fish that lives most of its life on or near the sea bottom)
    • found: Defining fisheries : a user's glossary, via WWW, Dec. 9, 2003 (Groundfish - A species or group of fish that lives most of its life on or near the sea bottom.)
    • found: Eapen, P.K. Elsevier's dict. of fisheries, 1999 (ground fish: Refers to a number of fish living on or near the bottom, such as cod, flat fish, haddock, hake, pollack, etc.; bottom fishes: Fishes that generally inhabit or are caught within about 5 m of the bottom of the sea, lake, etc.)
    • found: American Herit. dict. of the Engl. lang., c2000 (groundfish, pl. groundfish or groundfishes. A bottom-dwelling fish, especially a commercially valuable marine species such as flounder or cod)
    • found: Random House Web. unabr. dict., c1997 (bottom fish: any of certain fishes that live at or near the bottom of a body of water, as certain of the cod and related species, the flatfishes, and catfishes. Also called ground fish)
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    • 2003-12-09: new
    • 2004-02-06: revised
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