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us: Geodatabases

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    • us: Digital geographical databases
    • us: GDBs (Geodatabases)
    • us: Geographic databases
    • us: Geographic information databases
    • us: Geographic information system databases
    • us: Geographic information systems databases
    • us: Geographical databases
    • us: Geographical information system databases
    • us: Geographical information systems databases
    • us: Geography--Databases
    • us: GIS databases
    • us: GIS geodatabases
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    • found: Work cat.: ArcGIS 9. Building a geodatabase, 2004: p. 20 (Geodatabases organize geographic data into a hierarchy of data objects. These data objects are stored in feature classes, object classes, and feature datasets.) p. 354 (geodatabase: An object-oriented data model introduced by ESRI that represents geographic features and attributes as objects and the relationships between objects but is hosted inside a relational database management system. A geodatabase can store objects, such as feature classes, feature datasets, nonspatial tables, and relationship classes. GDB, see geodatabase) p. 4 of cover (geographic database)
    • found: OCLC, June 16, 2004 (geodatabase; GIS geodatabase; relational geodatabase; geographic information system (GIS) database; geographic information system database; geographic databases; GIS database; geographical database; geographical information system database; geographical information systems databases; digital geographical databases; geographic information database; geographic and object-oriented databases; geographic information systems (GIS) database)
    • found: ESRI home page, June 16, 2004: products overview/the geodatabase/personal and multiuser (Geodatabases work across a range of RDBMS architectures, come in many sizes, and have varying numbers of users. They can scale from smaller, single user databases built on the Microsoft Jet Engine (Access) database up to larger work group, department, and enterprise databases accessed by many users. Two types of geodatabase implementations are available: personal geodatabases and multiuser geodatabases.)
    • found: GIS lounge website, June 16, 2004: geodatabases explored (A geodatabase is a database that is in some way referenced to locations on the earth. Coupled with this data is usually data known as attribute data. Attribute data generally defined as additional information, which can then be tied to spatial data. Geodatabases are grouped into two different types: vector and raster. Most GIS software applications mainly focus on the usage and manipulation of vector geodatabases with added components to work with raster-based geodatabases.)
    • found: Object-oriented representation, via WWW (PDF), June 16, 2004 (An example of object-oriented (OO) data models is the geodatabase data model developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). The geodatabase model, shorthand for "geographic database," uses standard relational database technology and supports a model of topologically integrated feature classes. Much like the file-based coverage model, the geodatabase model consists of a storage mechanism for geographic data and a series of data access components.)
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    • 2004-07-14: new
    • 2016-01-26: revised
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