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Artificial seawater

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  • Variants

    • Artificial standard seawater
    • ASW (Artificial seawater)
    • Constituted seawater
    • Enriched seawater artificial water
    • ESAW (Artificial seawater)
    • Müller's medium
    • Shephard's medium
    • Simulated seawater
    • SSW (Artificial seawater)
    • SSWE (Artificial seawater)
    • Synthetic seawater
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Axenic cultures and rapid growth of Acetabularia acetabulum (Chlorophyta) in a novel artificial seawater, 1993:leaf 1 (artificial seawater medium) leaf 4 (an artificial seawater, Müller's medium) leaf 26 (chemically defined, artificial seawater media; Müller's medium; Shephard's medium)
    • found: LC database, July 21, 2004(Bidwell, J.P. Artificial seawaters : formulas and methods, c1985)
    • found: BIOSIS, via WebSPIRS, July 21, 2004(in abstracts: artificial seawater; artificial seawater (ASW); artificial seawater medium; artificial seawater media; artificial seawaters; synthetic sea water; synthetic sea-water; synthetic seawater; synthetic seawater (SSW); synthetic seawater (SSWE); synthetic seawater medium; three commercial artificial seawaters (Forty Fathoms, HW Marinemix, and Instant Ocean); the artificial seawater, Ocean Nature; ESAW (enrichment solution artificial seawater) growth media; miscellaneous descriptors: artificial-seawater; Herbst-artificial-seawater; chemicals and biochemicals: artificial-seawater)
    • found: Aquatic sciences & fisheries abstracts, via CSA Internet database service, July 21, 2004(descriptor: Artificial seawater; in abstracts: artificial seawater; artificial seawater (ASW); artificial seawater-based medium; artificial seawater media; artificial sea water; artificial seawaters; synthetic seawater; enriched seawater, artificial water (ESAW) is among the more popular recipes; simulated seawater; constituted seawater; artificial standard seawater (SW); artificial ocean water)
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    • 2004-07-21: new
    • 2004-08-26: revised
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