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Rock pigeon

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  • Variants

    • Blue rock (Bird)
    • Columba livia
    • Dove, Rock
    • Rock dove
    • Rock dove pigeon
    • Wild pigeon
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  • Sources

    • found: Goodwin, D. Pigeons and doves of the world, 1983:pp. 57-59 (Rock Pigeon, Columba livia. This species is "the" pigeon since it is the ancestor of all our domestic pigeons and of the feral pigeons which are found in large towns almost throughout the world. Other names: Rock Dove, Blue Rock, Wild Pigeon)
    • found: Johnston, R.F. Feral pigeons, 1995:p. vii (Taxonomically, Rock Pigeons, Columba livia, include domestic pigeons and free-living feral pigeons, as well as the wild Rock Pigeons of Europe, North Africa, and southwestern Asia)
    • found: Johnston, R.F. Feral pigeons, 1998:p. 3 (Rock doves are also called street pigeons, barnyard pigeons, or feral pigeons, and are known by the scientific name Columba livia. They arrived in No. Amer. with European settlers in the 17 cent. as domestic birds, caged and maintained for use at the kitchen table. Individuals periodically escaped confinement. Their descendants today are called feral ("wild") pigeons. When domestic pigeons escaped from captivity they formed a new, free-living biological entity, the feral pigeon. Such birds are often called "domestic pigeons" but they are not domestics; neither are they wild rock doves)
    • found: The A.O.U. check-list of North American birds, 7th ed., via WWW, Sept. 1, 2004(Columba livia, Rock Pigeon)
    • found: Avibase : the world bird database, via WWW, Sept. 1, 2004(Rock Pigeon (Columba livia). Other synonyms: Carrier Pigeon, Common Pigeon, Domestic Dove, Domestic Pigeon, Feral Dove, Feral Pigeon, Feral Rock Pigeon, Homing Pigeon, Rock Dove, Rock dove pigeon)
    • found: The Amer. Heritage dict. of the Engl. lang., via WWW, Sept. 1, 2004(rock dove: A bird (Columba livia) native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia but widely distributed elsewhere, having variously colored plumage with iridescent markings on the neck. It is the common pigeon seen in cities and frequently domesticated. Also called rock pigeon)
  • LC Classification

    • QL696.C63
  • Change Notes

    • 2004-09-01: new
    • 2004-10-08: revised
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