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us: Hegemony

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    • us: Hegemonism
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    • found: Work cat.: 2004023320: Bailin, A. From traditional to group hegemony, 2005: ECIP galley (author builds on hegemonic stability theory and other theoretical frameworks to propose new theory of world politics called group hegemony)
    • found: Evans, G. The dictionary of world politics, 1990 (hegemony: term used for some time in internatl. politics; now used in political economy in connection with hegemonial stability theory; hegemony is concept meaning primacy or leadership; in an internatl. system this leadership would be exercised by a "hegemon," a state possessing sufficient capability to fulfil this role)
    • found: Encyclopedia of political economy, 2001 (hegemony: concept associated with political theory and the works of Antonio Gramsci; frequently means the subordination of one group by another without the direct threat of violence; most commonly deemed to exist in the world economy when one state predominates; term used by Gramsci in cultural sense to connote complex of ideas used by social groups to assert their legitimacy and authority)
    • found: Roberts, G.K. A dictionary of political analysis, 1971 (hegemony: predominance of one unit within a group of such units; in politics, the dominant position of one province in a federation, or of one state in a confederation, or of one person in a committee or other body)
    • found: Scruton, R. A dictionary of political thought, c1982 (hegemony: used since last century to denote influence of one state over others; hence "hegemonism," the politics of powers that cow neighbours and dependants into submission; now used in sense given to it by Gramsci, denoting ascendancy of a class in economic, social, political, and ideological spheres, and its ability to persuade other classes to see the world in terms favourable to its own ascendancy)
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    • JZ1312
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    • 2004-10-28: new
    • 2010-08-27: revised
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