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Habitable planets

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    • Earth-like planets
    • Earthlike planets
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    • found: Work cat.: Huang, S. The limiting size of the habitable planets, 1960.
    • found: Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics:v. 41 (2003), p. 430 (A habitable planet is one on which liquid water is stable at the surface. This definition presupposes that, like life on Earth, alien life will be carbon-based and will require liquid water)
    • found: Advances in space research:v. 28 (2001), p. 695 (On the basis of our knowledge about life on Earth we assume that extraterrestrial life has a carbon-based structure and needs liquid water ... In this sense a habitable planet is defined as a planet capable of supporting such life)
    • found: Angelo, J.A. The extraterrestrial encyclopedia, 1985:p. 30 (Earthlike planet -- An extrasolar planet that is located in an ecosphere and has planetary environmental conditions that resemble the terrestrial biosphere -- especially a suitable atmosphere, a temperature range that permits the retention of large quantities of liquid water on the planet's surface and a sufficient quantity of energy striking the planet's surface from the parent star) p. 252 (habitable planets. See ... Earthlike planet)
    • found: ESA science & technology: habitable planets, via WWW, July 13, 2005(Depending on the stellar type, habitable planets will be at different distances from the parent star. Firstly, it must possess a thin atmosphere, similar to that of Earth. To do this, the planet must be more than half, but less than ten times, the mass of the Earth ... Secondly, the planet's surface temperature must be similar to Earth's so it is capable of sustaining liquid water)
    • found: Google, Nov. 15, 2005 (Earth-like planets, Earthlike planets)
    • notfound: Dictionary of geophysics, astrophysics, and astronomy, 2001;Cambridge astronomy dictionary, 1996;The Facts on File dictionary of astronomy, 2000;NASA thesaurus (Online), July 13, 2005
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    • 2005-12-02: revised
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