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Judaea (Region)

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  • Variants

    • Erets Yehudah (Region)
    • Ereẓ Yehudah (Region)
    • Judah, Land of (Region)
    • Judea (Region)
    • Land of Judah (Region)
    • Yahūdhā (Region)
    • Yehuda (Region)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 2005027037: Lipschitz, O. Fall and rise of Jerusalem, 2005.
    • found: GEONet, Sept. 30 2005(Judaea (conventional), region, 31⁰35ʹ00ʺN 35⁰0ʹ00ʺE; native: Yehuda, Israel; native: Yahūdhā, West Bank; variant: Judea)
    • found: Encyc. Britannica online, Aug. 4, 2004(Judaea or Judea: Southern division of ancient Palestine successively under Persian, Greek, and Roman rule. It was bounded on the North by Samaria and on the West by the Mediterranan Sea. It succeeded the Hebrew kingdom of Judah, which was destroyed by the Babylonians ... the name Judaea is used by Israelis to describe approximately the same area in the modern West Bank territory.)
    • found: Col. gaz.(Judaea, region, Greco-Roman name for S Palestine. It varied in size in different periods. The origin of the name comes from the lands held by the tribe of Judah after the conquest of Canaan by Joshua. These lands extended W to the Philistine coastal plain, E to the Dead Sea, N to Jebul (Jerusalem) and S to the Negev.)
    • found: Encyc. Judaica, c1971v. 10, col. 330 (land of Judah, Heb. Erets Yehudah, Ereẓ Yehudah)
    • found: Merriam Web. geog.(Judaea or Judea: The S division of Palestine under Persian, Greek, and Roman rule, succeeding the kingdom of Judah; bounded on the N by Samaria, on E bounded by the Jordan and Dead Sea, on SW by Sinai and on W by the Mediterranean)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 28, 2005(Judea or Judaea, Standard Hebrew Yehuda: a term used for the mountainous southern part of Historic Palestine, an area now divided between Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. The area was the site of the ancient Kingdom of Judah and the later Kingdom of Judea, a client-kingdom of the Roman Empire.)
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    • 2006-01-05: revised
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