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Stories in rhyme

  • Here are entered short fictional works written in rhymed text. Novel-length fictional narratives expressed in poetry are entered under [Novels in verse.]

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    • Rhymed stories
    • Rhyming stories
    • Stories in verse
    • Verse stories
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Seuss, Dr. Cattus petasatus, 2000.
    • found: LC database, Dec. 14, 2005(subj. hdg. for children's literature: Stories in rhyme)
    • found: SCIS Genre Subject Headings for Fiction, via the WWW, Dec. 14, 2005(Stories in rhyme, with scope note: Use for simple stories written in rhyme, and cross ref. from Rhymes)
    • found: Chaconas, D. Icing the cake : writing stories in rhythm and rhyme, 2006, via WWW, July 9, 2012("A child's book world without rhyme would be like a world without music. Good rhyme is fun to read out loud. Good rhyme is enjoyable to listen to. But a good rhyming story can be difficult to write. And that's what this article is about--the layers that go into writing good rhyming stories--and they are: Story, Rhythm, Rhyme. ...Instead of calling them rhyming stories, more accurately we might call them stories in rhythm and rhyme.")
    • found: Backes, L. Writing in rhyme, 2009, via WWW July 9, 2012(Dr. Seuss did it, and in the process changed the face of the publishing industry and became a beloved household name to children for several generations. So why do so many editors say they don't want stories written in rhyme? Many beginning writers ask about this well-known submission "Don't" The truth is, some publishers do have a strict policy against rhyming stories--they simply don't publish them. But most would snap up a good rhyming story in seconds. ... Stories in verse, like their prose counterparts, also must have a distinct voice. The rhythm of the verse, which combines elements like word choice and length of the lines, goes a long way toward creating a tone for each story. In the above example, from the first line the reader knows this will be a fast-paced yarn, probably exaggerated by the teller. The longer lines and internal rhyme give the impression of a tall tale.")
    • found: Mahoney, K. Stories in rhyme bring Bible to mind, 2012, via WWW July 9, 2012(stories in verse form; stories in rhyming verse; children's books)
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    • found: Kin o'Ktaadn : verse stories of the plain folk who are keeping bright the old home fires up in Maine, 1904.
    • found: Miller, D. Dramatasia : five original rhymed stories, 1944.
    • found: Sterns, J.B. Amusing rhymed stories, 1959.
    • found: Willey, F.J. Rhymed stories for children, 1958.
  • General Notes

    • Here are entered short fictional works written in rhymed text. Novel-length fictional narratives expressed in poetry are entered under [Novels in verse.]
  • Example Notes

    • Note under [Novels in verse]
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    • 2006-03-02: new
    • 2014-03-29: revised
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