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Belief change

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    • found: Work cat.: Friedman, N. Modeling belief in dynamic systems. Part I, Foundations, 1995:abstr. (In this paper we propose a general framework in which to model belief change)
    • found: Cognitive science journal, v. 21, no. 1:p. 420 (Belief change -- the process by which a rational agent makes the transition from one belief state to another -- is an important component for most intelligent activity done by epistemic agents, both human and artificial)
    • found: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. IJCAI : proceedings of the conference, 2005:p. 540 (The study of belief change is concerned with how a rational reasoner maintains its beliefs in the face of new information. As this new information is acquired it must be assimilated into the reasoners stock of beliefs. This requires that decisions be made as to which beliefs are retained, which are abandoned and which are incorporated by the reasoner)
    • found: Artificial intelligence, v. 119, no. 1-2:p. 141 (Belief change deals with the incorporation of new facts into an agents beliefs. There are two basic forms of belief change: belief revision and belief update)
    • found: Artificial intelligence, Jan. 1998:p. 281 (Belief revision and belief update have been proposed as two types of belief change serving different purposes, revision intended to capture changes in belief state reflecting new information about a static world, and update intended to capture changes of belief in response to a changing world)
    • notfound: Corsini, R.J. The dictionary of psychology, 1999;Colman, A.M. A dictionary of psychology, 2001;Reber, A.S. The Penguin dictionary of psychology, 2001;Johnson, A.G. The Blackwell dictionary of sociology, 2000.
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