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Financial risk

  • Here are entered works on the risk that a company will be unable to meet its financial obligations because of inadequate cash flow.

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    • Business risk (Finance)
    • Money risk (Finance)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Annual Economic Policy Conference. Financial risk--theory, evidence and implications, c1989.
    • found: Essentials of financial risk management, 2005:p. 2 (Financial risk arises through financial transactions incl. sales and purchases, investments and loans; legal transactions, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, energy costs, or actions of managers, competitors, foreign governments, or the weather) p. 3 (three main sources of financial risk: 1) organization's exposure to changes in market prices, 2) actions of, and transactions with, vendors, customers, parties in derivatives transactions, 3) internal actions or failures of organization's people, processes, and systems)
    • found: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Risk Management Agency. Train the trainer handbook via WWW, February 5, 2006:financial risk (the additional risk resulting from debt and increased leverage; two types: operational risk--internal and strategic risk--external)
    • found: Encyclopedia of banking and finance, 7th ed.:financial risk (in investments, the risk that the issuer may not comply with requirements in issues of debt and equity securities; financial risk, money risk (interest rate risk) and purchasing power risk are the principal investing risks; in managerial finance, the risks of negative leverage and higher money costs associated with leverage beyond capital structure proportions; in managerial finance, financial risk is often considered synonymous with business risk) business risk (that element of a credit risk depending on the ability of the concern's managers to produce profits over time))
    • found: Greenspan, Alan. "Measuring financial risk in the twenty-first century" (October 14, 1999 speech), via Federal Reserve WWW site, February 1, 2006("in a market economy, all risks derive from the risks of holding real assets, or unleveraged equity claims on those assets")
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    • Here are entered works on the risk that a company will be unable to meet its financial obligations because of inadequate cash flow.
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    • 2006-02-09: new
    • 2006-06-29: revised
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