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Burqas (Islamic clothing)

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    • Boorkas (Islamic clothing)
    • Bourkhas (Islamic clothing)
    • Burkas (Islamic clothing)
    • Burkhas (Islamic clothing)
    • Burquas (Islamic clothing)
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    • found: Work cat.: Cut from different cloth, c2005:title screen, container, etc. (filmmakers returned to Afghanistan for 3rd time since fall of the Taliban; the all-covering burqa, high-walled living compounds and cultural restrictions on women limited their access; virtually all the Afghan women still wore the burqa)
    • found: Web.3, 2002:(burka or burkha or bourkha 1: a coarse cloth worn esp. in Russia. 2: a loose enveloping garment with usually veiled eye holes that is worn in public by Muslim women esp. of India and Pakistan)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 12, 2006(Burqa [rom.] (var. forms: burka burqua) is a type of opaque veil sometimes worn in addition to a headscarf by Muslim women observing purdah. The burque covers the wearer's entire face except for a small region around the eyes. A full burqua is a garment that conceals the entire body, and includes a "net curtain", which also hides the wearer's eyes. Women in some Muslim societies or subcultures wear the burqa because of exegetic interpretations of the hijab. Standards for modest dress (sartorial hijab) for Muslim women and men vary greatly depending on the cultural context. The term [romanized as] burka, can also refer to the traditional coat that may be worn by men of the Caucasus region.)
    • found: Google search, Apr. 6, 2006(burqa, bourkha, burka, burqua)
    • found: OED online, Apr. 6, 2006(n 1. burka, also burqa, boorka, bourkha, burko: A long enveloping garment worn in public places by Muslim women to screen them from view of men and strangers; n. 2. burka, also burkha, boorka, burqa: A long Caucasian cloak of felt or goat's hair)
    • found: Encyclopedia of Islam, new ed.:v. 3 (Ḥidjāb [rom.]; refers to the veil (or cloth) itself used to conceal the head and face; following the Muslim practice of dressing modestly, the institution is practiced by the wearing of a variety of dress, e.g. the burqa, etc.)
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    • 2006-12-06: revised
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