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Important bird areas

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    • Bird areas, Important
    • Bird sites, Important
    • IBAs (Important bird areas)
    • Important bird sites
    • Sites, Important bird
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Important bird areas in Lao P.D.R., via WWW, May 5, 2006:home page (important sites for the conservation of birds) foreword (Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are sites of international importance for bird conservation, based upon standard, internationally recognised criteria. IBAs are not only important for birds but typically support a wide range of other important animal and plant species.)
    • found: Important bird areas of Canada, via WWW, May 5, 2006:home page (sites that provide essential habitat for bird populations) FAQ (An Important Bird Area (IBA) is a site providing essential habitat for one or more species of breeding or non-breeding birds. These sites may contain threatened species, endemic species, species representative of a biome, or highly exceptional concentrations of birds. Sites are identified using a set of standardized and internationally agreed upon criteria that have gained worldwide recognition. IBAs are identified according to their significance (based on specific bird population thresholds) as either globally, continentally, or nationally significant.)
    • found: North American important bird areas, c1999:PDF p. vii (sites in North America which are critical for the conservation of birds) p. 1 (As in all IBA programs, the IBA sites in North America were chosen carefully, using scientific criteria applied with common sense. All sites identified as potential IBAs were subjected to rigorous review to determine whether they truly qualified. They represent sites which include both terrestrial and non-terrestrial habitats that are critically important for bird species not just during the breeding and wintering seasons but also during migration.)
    • found: Key conservation sites in the Philippines, c2001:t.p. (directory of important bird areas) p. 19 (the sites in the IBA network have been selected to represent the key habitats in all of the major biogeographic regions of the Philippine archipelago)
    • found: Stroud, D.A. Protecting internationally important bird sites, 1990.
  • LC Classification

    • QL676.5-QL676.57
  • Change Notes

    • 2006-05-07: new
    • 2006-11-08: revised
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