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Direct election

  • Here are entered works on a method of election in which voters cast ballots directly for candidates for office.

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    • Direct popular election
    • Direct preferential vote
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    • found: Work cat.: United States. Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee. Electing the President, 1969:p. 176 (direct election of the President by popular vote was proposed as early as 1816; the preferential vote has been used successfully at state level)
    • found: The Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia, 2002:p. 114 (in March 2001, the parliament abolished direct election and re-established the indirect prime-ministerial election by the Knesset)
    • found: Parliamentary versus presidential government, 1992:p. 194 (direct election of a prime minister awards electoral choice to the voter)
    • found: The reader's companion to the United States Congress, 2004:p. 421 (after the 17th Amendment passed, the U.S. Senate was still not fully a popularly-elected body until the terms of the last senators chosen by state legislatures expired after the 1918 elections)
    • found: Wikipedia, July 5, 2006:direct election (Direct election is a term describing a system of choosing political officeholders in which the voters directly cast ballots for the person, persons or political party that they desire to see elected; the method by which the winner or winners of a direct election are chosen depends upon the electoral system used--most commonly used systems are the plurality system and the two round system for single winner elections, such as a presidential election, and party-list proportional representation for the election of a legislature)
    • found: This America, 2005:p. 32 (Universal participation in control does not mean, as it has come to mean in America, direct election of federal, state and local representatives)
  • General Notes

    • Here are entered works on a method of election in which voters cast ballots directly for candidates for office.
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    • 2006-07-06: new
    • 2006-12-05: revised
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