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Top predators

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    • Alpha predators
    • Apex predators
    • Carnivores, Top
    • Summit predators
    • Superpredators
    • Top carnivores
    • Top-level predators
    • Upper level predators
    • Upper trophic level predators
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Top predators in marine ecosystems, 2006:pp. 2-3 (terminal links in food chains, sometimes known as the top of the food chain; species at the top of marine food chains, referred to as "top predators", synonymous with "upper-trophic-level predators") p. 11 (apex predators)
    • found: Wikipedia, Aug. 2, 2006(Top predator, see Apex predator. Apex predators (also alpha predators or superpredators) are predators that are not preyed upon in the wild. These species are often at the end of long food chains ... Due to their placement atop the food chain, many (but not all) apex predators are also keystone predators)
    • found: Zoological record, via ISI Web of Knowledge, Aug. 2, 2006(quick search results: 18 results for "apex predator" and 49 for "apex predators"; 213 results for "top predator" and 332 for "top predators"; 0 results for "alpha predator" and "alpha predators"; 8 results for "superpredator" and 5 for "superpredators"; 4 results for "top-level predator" and 11 for "top-level predators"; 0 results for "upper trophic level predator" and 11 for "upper trophic level predators"; 2 results for "upper level predator" and 2 for "upper level predators"; 0 results for "summit predator" and "summit predators"; 21 results for "top carnivore" and 34 for "top carnivores")
    • found: Google book search, Aug. 2, 2006Knight, J. Waiting for wolves in Japan, 2003: p. 9 (Predators at the top of the food chain ... indicated by a variety of terms, including "top predator", "top carnivore", "summit predator", and "keystone predator". A top predator is an animal at the apex of the food chain; top predators) Forman, R.T.T. Land mosaics, 1995: p. 76 (Producer --> Herbivore --> Predator --> Top predator is a food chain) Pimm, S.L. Food webs, 2002: p. 128 (top-predator) p. 135 (top-carnivore) Quammen, D. Monster of God, c2003: p. 13 (alpha predators) The return of the wolf, c2000: p. 39 (summit predators) Cerullo, M.M. The truth about great white sharks, c2000: p. 35 (apex predator, which means it is at the top of the food chain; apex predators)
    • found: Barrows, E.M. Animal behavior desk reference, c2001:p. 146 (top-down control: An upper-level predator's regulating an ecosystem's lower food-web components)
    • notfound: McGraw-Hill dict. of scientific and technical terms, c2003;Elsevier's dict. of biology, 1998;Chambers biology dict., c1989;Henderson's dict. of biological terms, 2000;Thain, M. The Penguin dict. of biology, 2000;A dict. of ecology, 2005;The concise Oxford dict. of zoology, 1991;Pennak, R.W. Collegiate dict. of zoology, c1964
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    • 2006-10-13: new
    • 2006-10-14: revised
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