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us: Nanoelectronics

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    • us: Nanoscale electronics
    • us: Nanoscale molecular electronics
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Electronics
    • us: Nanotechnology
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Nano- and micro-electromechanical systems : fundamentals of nano- and microengineering, 2005: p. 5 (emphasizing nanotechnology-based nanoelectronics as a core nanotechnology area, one can state that nanoelectronics is research that devises new atomic and molecular scale structures, devices and systems, and fabricate them to develop novel nanotechnologies for supercomplex nanoscale integrated circuits)
    • found: Macromolecular nanostructured materials, 2004: p. 2 (the rapidly developing practice of molecular electronics at the nanoscale level-- often referred to as nanoelectronics)
    • found: Computational electronics: semiconductor transport and device simulation, 1991: p. 183 ("In establishing nanoelectronics as a viable molecular electronics technology of the future, many new ... questions emerge concerning the physics and electronics on the submicron and ultrasubmicron dimensional scale ...")
    • found: Silicon quantum integrated circuits, 2005: p. 7 (Simply by shrinking the lateral dimensions into the sub-10nm and vertical into into the sub-10nm region, existing microelectronics has been converted into nanoelectronics; this isn't the usual meaning of the term nanoelectronics to many researchers; it's more frequently used to describe new technologies such as molecules, wires, and other exotic structures on the nanometre scale)
    • found: New physics for the 21st century, 2006: p. 512 (The progress from microelectronics toward nanoelectronics is a triumph of solid state physics; molecular electronics is not yet close to the market)
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    • 2007-01-25: revised
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