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Giay (Asian people)

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  • Variants

    • Chi Chu (Asian people)
    • Chung Cha (Asian people)
    • Cui Chu (Asian people)
    • Dả̆ng (Asian people)
    • Dioi (Asian people)
    • Giai (Asian people)
    • Giang (Asian people)
    • Glay (Asian people)
    • Hún Giáy (Asian people)
    • Nhaang (Asian people)
    • Nhả̆ng (Asian people)
    • Niang (Asian people)
    • Nyang (Asian people)
    • Pau Thin (Asian people)
    • Pú Giáy (Asian people)
    • Pu Na (Asian people)
    • Pu-Nam (Asian people)
    • Sa (Asian people)
    • Sa Nhan (Asian people)
    • Sau (Asian people)
    • Xa (Asian people)
    • Xa Chung Cha (Asian people)
    • Xúa (Asian people)
    • Yai (Asian people)
    • Yay (Asian people)
    • Zay (Asian people)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Sà̂n Cháng. Một só̂ phong tục tập quán dân tộc Giáy Lào Cai, 2003:p. 7 (other names: Pú Giáy, Hún Giáy; concentrated in Lào Cai, Hà Giang, Lai Châu, Vietnam) p. 9 (Dả̆ng, Nhả̆ng, Xúa, Sau, Sa)
    • found: Vietnam Tourism, via WWW, Nov. 15, 2006(Giay (Zay) ethnic group, Nhang, Dang, Pau Thin, Pu Na, Cui Chu and Xa; population, 49,098 people (year 1999); concentrated in Bat Xat, Bao Thang and Muong Khuong districts (Lao Cai Province); Yen Minh and Dong Van districts (Ha Giang Province); Phong Tho and Muong Te districts (Lai Chau Province); and Cao Bang Province; Giay language belongs to the Tay-Thai Group)
    • found: Ethnologue, via WWW, Nov. 15, 2006(Bouyei, a language of China. 2,000,000 in China (1990 census). Region: Guizhou-Yunnan plateau, mainly Buyi-Miao and Miao-Dong autonomous prefectures, Zhenning and Guanling counties, south and southwest Guizhou, and some in Yunnan Province, Luoping County, and Sichuan Province, Ningnan and Huidong counties. Also spoken in France, USA, Viet Nam. Alternate names: Buyi, Bui, Bo-I, Buyei, Buyui, Puyi, Pui, Pu-I, Pu-Jui, Pujai, Puyoi, Dioi, Tujia, Shuihu, Zhongjia, Chung-Chia. Classification: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Be-Tai, Tai-Sek, Tai, Northern. Part of the Bouyei nationality. An official nationality in Viet Nam. Also spoken in: Viet Nam, Language name: Giáy, 49,098 in Viet Nam (1999 census), Region: Lao Cai, Hà Giang, and Lai Chau provinces, Alternate names: Bouyei, Bo-Y, Bo-I, Buyi, Pu-I, Puyi, Pui, Chang Chá, Trong Ggia, Tu-Dìn, Nhaang, Nyang, Niang, Yai, Yay, Giai, Giang, Dang, Dioi, Pau Thin, Pú Nà, Pu-Nam, Cùi Chu, Xa Chung Chá, Chung Cha, Sa)
    • found: Website, Nov. 15, 2006(The Giay people group (pronounced Zay) is one of Vietnam's 53 minority groups, with a population of 47,100. The Giay people, however, are also found in significant numbers outside Vietnam. More than 250,000 Giay live in southern China, and refugee populations live in France, and California, USA. Giay is their name for themselves. Neighboring tribal peoples call them Giang, while the Vietnamese call them Nhang. Also known by: Sa Nhan, Pu-Nam, Chung Cha, Xa, Cui Chu, and Pau Thin)
    • found: List of ethnic groups in Vietnam, via Wikipedia, Nov. 21, 2006(Giay)
    • found: Joshua Project Web site, Nov. 22, 2006(Giay, Nhang of China; Giay, Nhang of Vietnam; The Nhang immigrated into North Vietnam from China about 200 years ago; however, many remained in their homeland. Today, more than 2.2 million Nhang live in the Yunnan province of southern China. Peoples name general: Giay. Alternate people names: Chi Chu, Chungcha, Dang, Dioi, Giai, Giang, Glay, Nhang, Nyang, Pau Thin, Pu Nam, Sa Nhan, Xa Chung Cha, Yai, Zay. Language: Bouyei; has separate entry for Bouyei of China)
  • LC Classification

    • DS556.45.G53
  • Change Notes

    • 2007-03-09: new
    • 2007-03-10: revised
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