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Quantitative research

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    • Data analysis (Quantitative research)
    • Exploratory data analysis (Quantitative research)
    • Quantitative analysis (Research)
    • Quantitative methods (Research)
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    • found: Work cat.: Quantitative research : methods in the social sciences [VR] c2006.
    • found: 2014027433: Guerrilla analytics, 2014galley (Data analytics; sometimes called Data science; Business intelligence; any activity that involves applying an analytical process to data to derive insight from the data)
    • found: Mujis, D. Doing quantitative research in education with SPSS, 2004.
    • found: Gorard, S. Quantitative methods in educational research, 2001.
    • found: Wagner, W. Introduction to quantitative analysis, 1964.
    • found: Dictionary of Media and Communication, 2011Quantitative research (quantitative analysis) (methods of investigating phenomena which involve the collection and analysis of numerical data) Data analysis (Searching for (normally predicted patterns or relationships (e.g., correlation) in data, and making pertinent inferences from this, using recognized methods and/or tools)
    • found: Dictionary of Psychology, 2008(Exploratory data analysis: a general term introduced in 1977 by US statistician John Wilder Tukey to refer to techniques of summarizing, organizing, and displaying data in ways that help to show what the data mean. Typical examples are box-and-whisker plots and stem-and-leaf displays)
    • found: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics, 2009(Exploratory data analysis: An approach to data analysis that sets out initially to explore the data and their underlying structure, what the important variables are and to identify outliers. The outcomes can then inform decisions as to what analyses are appropriate)
    • found: Inspec, viewed July 29, 2014(controlled index term: Data analysis; thesaurus lists BT Data handling)
    • found: Science & technology encyclopedia, 1999(Under Data processing: systematic sequence of operations performed on data especially by a computer, in order to calculate new information or revise or update existing information ... data may be in the form of numerical values representing measurements, scientific or technical facts, or lists of names, places or book titles ... under Analysis: in mathematics, field that is concerned with the concepts of convergence, continuity, differentiation, and integration)
    • found: The Cambridge dictionary of statistics,(under data theory: data that can be analyzed; under data reduction, the process of summarizing large amounts of data; under statistics gives a variety of explanations that involve variation, uncertainty, and inference and that it is not simply a branch of mathematics)
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