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China--History--Southern Ming dynasty, 1644-1662

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    • China Geographic Component
    • Southern Ming dynasty, 1644-1662 Temporal Component
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    • China--History--Nan Ming dynasty, 1644-1662
    • Nan Ming dynasty, 1644-1662
    • Southern Ming dynasty, 1644-1662
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 90190774: Li, Qing. Nan du lu, 1988:p. 1 (Hongguang reign period of the Nan (Southern) Ming) dynasty)
    • found: Struve, L.A. The Southern Ming, 1644-1662, 1984:p. xiii (the Southern Ming was not called the "Southern Ming" by a Chinese writer until the middle of the nineteenth century, that is, until the Ch'ing dynasty, which had displaced the mortally wounded Ming in the seventeenth century ...)
    • found: Wikipedia, April 11, 2007(Although the Ming capital, Beijing, fell in 1644, remnants of the Ming throne and power (now collectively called the Southern Ming) survived until 1662 ... List of Emperors of the Southern Ming Dynasty, 1644-1662)
    • found: Britannica WWW site, April 11, 2007(Ming loyalists ineffectively resisted the Qing (Manchu) dynasty from various refuges in the south for a generation. Their so-called Nan (Southern) Ming dynasty ...)
    • found: Chinese coins WWW site, April 11, 2007(When the Ming had to flee from the Manzus and abandon their capital in Beijing in 1644, four princes retreated to the South and set up their own dinghoms ... This period is called the Southern Ming, and it lasted from 1644 to 1662 when they were defeated by the Manzus)
    • found: BBC WWW site, April 11, 2007(Brief timeline of Chinese history: the Southern Ming Dynasty, AD 1644-1662. The Southern Ming was by some standards not really its own dynasty, but rather the result of the displacement of the Ming rulers by the expanding Manchu kingdom to the north)
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    • DS753.75
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    • 2007-05-11: new
    • 2007-05-12: revised
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