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us: Visual analytics

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    • us: Analytics, Visual
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    • found: Work cat.: IEEE Symposium Visual Analytics Science and Technology (1st : 2006 : Baltimore, Md). VAST, IEEE Symposium Visual Analytics Science and Technology, 2006, 2006: p. v (Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces. Visual analytics ... requires interdisciplinary science beyond traditional scientific and information visualization. The field embraces statistics, mathematics, knowledge representation, management and discovery technologies, cognitive and perceptual sciences, decision sciences, and more)
    • found: InfoVis wiki, May 23, 2007 (Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces; Visual analytics is more than just visualization and can rather be seen as an integrated approach combining visualization, human factors and data analysis ... With respect to the field of visualization, visual analytics integrates methodology from information analytics, geospatial analytics, and scientific analytics. Especially human factors (e.g., interaction, cognition, perception, collaboration, presentation, and dissemination) play a key role in the communication between human and computer, as well as in the decisionmaking process)
    • found: National Visualization and Analytics Center home page, May 23, 2007: about NVAC (Recognizing that humans have a keen ability to process visual information, researchers are creating computer tools known as visual analytics that can interpret and analyze vast amounts of data. Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 23, 2007 (visual analytics - the formation of abstract visual metaphors in combination with a human information discourse (interaction) that enables detection of the expected and discovery of the unexpected within massive, dynamically changing information spaces. Information visualization, scientific visualization, and visual analytics have lots of overlapping goals and techniques. Scientific visualization deals with data that has a natural geometric structure (e.g., MRI data, wind flows). Information visualization handles more abstract data structures such as trees or graphs. Visual analytics is especially concerned with sense-making and reasoning)
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    • 2007-06-14: new
    • 2007-08-15: revised
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