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us: Nü shu

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    • us: Nüshu
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    • found: Work cat.: Nu shu : a hidden language of women in China [VR] 1999: container.
    • found: Wikipedia, June 22, 2007 (Nü shu; literally "women's writing" is a syllabary writing system that was used exclusively among women in Jiangyong County in Hunan province of southern China. Nü shu is phonetic, with each of its approximately 600-700 characters representing a syllable in the local Chengguan dialect of the Yao nationality. Although Nü shu has existed for centuries, it was not known in the outside world until recently, when academics "rediscovered" the script ... in 1983.)
    • found: Everything2 www site, April 13, 2008 (Nu shu, or women's writings, is a written Chinese language that is distinct from Chinese characters ... used exclusively by women, who were otherwise illiterate, and was syllabic instead of pictographic. Moreover, it was sung rather than spoken when read aloud. Appeared in books, on fans that doubled as letters, and in hidden embroidery)
    • found: www site, April 13, 2008 (Nushu language; researched the topic of Nushu; Nushu (or Nu Shu); Nushu writing)
    • found: Orie Endo www site, April 13, 2008 (Nushu is a beautiful script which was created hundreds of years ago by unschooled, rural, peasant women in Jiang Yong Prefecture, Hunan Province, China; Chinese women's script, Nushu.)
    • found: www site: (Nushu is one of the most interesting and least known writing systems...literally means "Woman's Writing" in Chinese. Some Nushu characters are taken from Chinese, while others appear to be invented.)
    • found: www site, April 13, 2008 (Nüshu is a special written language used and understood only by women in Jiangyong County, Hunan Province ... It is a written language only. Women formed their own written symbols to represent the words in their local dialect. Men can usually understand nüshu when they hear it read aloud.)
    • found: www site, April 13, 2008 (Move to protect world's only women's language)
    • notfound: Am. heritage dict.;Encarta;Britannica online, Sept. 15, 2008
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    • 2007-06-28: new
    • 2008-10-08: revised
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