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Web personalization

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    • Personalization (Web site design)
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    • found: Work cat.: The intelligent recommendation analyzer, 2000:abstr. (We introduce a novel approach to web personalization known as the Intelligent Recommendation Analyzer (IRA)) p. 2 (Architecture overview ... An e-commerce application receives a client request through a Web server interface ... and composes a personalized web page for that client)
    • found: ACM transactions on Internet technology, Feb. 2003:p. 1 (Web personalization is the process of customizing a Web site to the needs of specific users, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired from the analysis of the user's navigational behavior (usage data) in correlation with other information collected in the Web context, namely, content and user profile data)
    • found: Interacting with computers, Sept. 2005:p. 569 (Web personalization is a sub-area of adaptive hypermedia that aims at providing actions that tailors [sic] the Web experience to a particular user, or set of users)
    • found: Wikipedia, Aug. 7, 2007(Personalization ... Web pages are personalized based on the interests of an individual. Personalization implies that the changes are based on implicit data, such as items purchased or pages viewed. The term customization is used instead when the site only uses explicit data such as ratings or preferences ... Web personalization models include rules-based filtering, based on if this, then that rules processing, and collaborative filtering, which serves relevant material to customers by combining their own personal preferences with the preferences of like-minded others)
    • notfound: FOLDOC, Aug. 9, 2007;Webopedia, Aug. 9, 2007; High-Tech dictionary, Aug. 9, 2007;TechWeb: TechEncyclopedia, Aug. 9, 2007;Dictionary of computer science, engineering, and technology, 2001;Dictionary of computer and Internet words, 2001
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    • 2007-08-13: new
    • 2008-01-05: revised
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