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us: Julia sets

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    • us: Sets, Julia
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    • found: Work cat.: Childers, D.K. Some topological results on the influence of critical points in rational dynamics, 2006: abstr. (This report ... aim[s] to better understand the relationship between the behavior of critical points and the dynamics of the Julia set)
    • found: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, May 1999: p. 1513 (A Julia set is a set of points of initial values on the complex plane of dependent dynamical variables whose iterational mapping never converge [sic])
    • found: IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Image and Signal Processing (1st : 2007 : Honolulu, Hawaii). CIISP 2007, 2007: p. 163 (Julia sets are fractal subsets of the complex plane defined by a simple iterative algorithm. Julia sets are specified by a single complex parameter and their appearances are indexed by the Mandelbrot set)
    • found: Simply fractals - Fractal gallery: Mandelbrot and Julia sets, via WWW, Oct. 10, 2007 (Both Mandelbrot and Julia sets are types of fractals ... A Julia set is ... defined to be: the set of all the complex numbers, z, such that the iteration of f(z) -- > z² + c is bounded for a particular value of c. Again, more simply put, it is the graph of all the complex numbers z, that do not go to infinity when iterated in f(z) -- > z² + c, where c is constant)
    • found: International journal of intelligent systems, Feb. 2002: p. 110 (A Julia set is the boundary between the set of points of a parametric function whose orbits escape toward infinity and the set of points whose orbits are attracted to some periodic cycle)
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    • 2007-12-13: new
    • 2007-12-14: revised
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