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us: Nanocomposites (Materials)

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    • us: Nanocomposite materials
    • us: Nanostructured composite materials
    • us: Nanostructured composites
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Composite materials
    • us: Nanostructured materials
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Nanocomposites : ionic conducting materials and structural spectroscopies, c2008: t.p. ; p. v ("nanocomposite" encompasses wide range of materials mixed at nanometer scale, combining best properties of each of the components, or giving unique properties; composite materials with domain sizes in the nanometer range) p. v (nanostructured composites) p. 205 (Roy and co-workers first used term "nanocomposite" in the early 1980's; most general definition of nanocomposite is a multi-phase compound in which one of the phases has a length scale in the nanometer range. In 1992, updated definition given by Komarneni as "composites of more than one Gibbsian solid phase where at least one dimension is in nanometer range and typically all solid phases are in the 1-20 nanometer range")
    • found: Introduction to nanoscale science and technology, 2004 (nanocomposites defined as multiphase materials where one or more phases have at least one dimension of order 100 nm or less; nanocomposites can be classified either as functional materials or as structural materials)
    • found: Fabrication and characterization of novel nanocomposite materials, 2005.
    • found: Nanophotonics, 2004: p. 277 (nanocomposites are random media containing domains or inclusions that are of nanometer size scale; these nanoscopic domains or inclusions also referred to as mesophases, whereas the bulk phase they constitute is called the macroscopic phase)
    • found: Synthesis of nanostructured composite materials from a liquid crystalline template, 1999.
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