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Chirikof Island (Alaska)

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    • Akamok Island (Alaska)
    • Chirikoff Island (Alaska)
    • Chirikov Island (Alaska)
    • Elkamok Island (Alaska)
    • Foggy Island (Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska)
    • Infante Island (Alaska)
    • Isla Infante (Alaska)
    • Okamok Island (Alaska)
    • Ookamok Island (Alaska)
    • Ostrov Chirikov (Alaska)
    • Ostrov Ugamok (Alaska)
    • Oukamok Island (Alaska)
    • Tchirikoff Island (Alaska)
    • Tscherikow Island (Alaska)
    • Tscherikow's Island (Alaska)
    • Tschirikoff Island (Alaska)
    • Tumannoi Island (Alaska)
    • Ugamok Island (Alaska)
    • Ukamok Island (Alaska)
    • Ukamuk (Alaska)
    • Ukamuk Island (Alaska)
    • Yukamak Island (Alaska)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Survivors from wreck of schooner Joseph Russ boarding steamer Dora, off Chirikof Island, April 1912, via the John E. Thwaites digital images collection, viewed May 19, 2008.
    • found: GNIS, May 19, 2008(Chirikof Island, island, Alaska, Kodiak Island Borough; variants: Akamok Island, Okamok Island, Ugamok Island, Ukamok Island, Tschirikoff, Foggy Island, Ostrov Ugamok, Ookamok, Tscherikow, Chirikoff, Ostrov Chirikov, Akamok, Tscherikow's Island, Tumannoi, Elkamok, Isla Infante, Ukamok, Yukamak, Oukamok, Tchirikoff; Foggy Island also name or variant name for other Alaska islands)
    • found: Wikipedia, Nov. 13, 2008(Chirikof Island is located in the Gulf of Alaska approximately 80 miles (130 km) southwest of Kodiak Island; Alaska, Kodiak Island Borough, 55°48ʹN 155°37ʹW; archipelago: Kodiak Archipelago; area: 114.787 km² (44.320 sq mi))
    • found: Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository Web site, Nov. 13, 2008(Chirikof Island - Ukamuk. Chirikof is an isolated, windy island at the far southern end of the Kodiak Archipelago. This 11 mile long, pear-shaped piece of land lies about 100 miles southwest of Kodiak Island. Westerners sighted the island in 1741. A Russian naval expedition led by Vitus Bering and Alexi Chirikov sailed by the island naming it Tumannoi- Foggy Island. Nearly 60 years later, Captain Vancouver renamed the island Chirikov, in honor of Alexi Chirkiov [sic]. Ukamuk has a rolling, treeless terrain)
    • found: Kodiak Island Borough Web site, Nov. 13, 2008:Our Community > Map of the Kodiak Island Borough (map shows Chirikof Island as part of borough)
    • notfound: Columbia gaz. of North America, via WWW, Nov. 13, 2008
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    • 2009-02-26: revised
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