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Technical analysis (Investment analysis)

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    • found: Work cat.: Essential technical analysis, 2002: t.p.; p. 5 ("technical analysis" means a set of principles, analytical tools used to make predictions about the market that involve use and study of price and volume information only) p. 213 (twin pillars of technical analysis are 1) patterns, incl. trendlines, channels; and, 2) indicators; pattern recognition is the most visual aspect of technical analysis)
    • found: Technical analysis of the financial markets, c1999: t.p.; p. 1 ("technical analysis", study of market action, primarily through use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting future price trends) p. 5 (technical versus fundamental forecasting: while technical analysis concentrates on study of market action, fundamental analysis focuses on economic forces of supply and demand; most traders classify themselves as either technicians or fundamentalists)
    • found: The Handbook of international financial terms, 2008 (technical analysis: branch of market or security analysis based upon study of price movements, trading volume and the forecasting of future movements from past movements (cf. fundamental analysis); seeks to gather insights about price trends due to demand and supply and behavioural characteristics of markets which can be used to make predictions about future behaviour)
    • found: Getting started in technical analysis, 1999 (fundamental analysis uses economic data (P/E ratios, book values, crop reports, etc.) to forecast prices; in contrast, technical analysis is the study of price activity, specifically price patterns, to identify favorable trade opportunities)
    • found: How to select stocks using technical analysis, c2008.
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