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Judeo-French language

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    • us: Western Loez language
    • us: Zarphatic language
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    • found: Work cat.: Levy, R. Trésor de la langue des juifs français au Moyen Âge, 1964.
    • found: Jewish virtual library website, Oct. 27, 2009 (Judeo-French, the Old French spoken and written by medieval French and Rhenish Jewry. It should be stated from the outset that there probably never existed a Judeo-French dialect, with specific Jewish traits. The term applies only to Jewish activities in medieval France, which had French as their vehicle; the Jews preferred Hebrew characters, the Latin ones being too strongly identified with the Church. This transliteration had undergone its own evolution from the Latin period and obeyed its own orthographic rules.)
    • found: Jewish language research website, Oct. 27, 2009 (Judeo-French. During the Middle Ages, the Jewish communities of Northern France - the territory of the langue d'oïl - developed an extensive Old French textual tradition written in Hebrew script, which is known as Judeo-French. Other designations for Judeo-French include Zarphatic (S.A. Birnbaum) and Western Loez (M. Weinreich). The Judeo-French texts are independent of Christian Old French literature both in their content and in their distinct writing system, which adapts the Hebrew script and the Tiberian system of pointing to the phonological characteristics of the Old French language. While some scholars regard Judeo-French as an Old French social dialect different from its Christian counterparts, or even as a separate Judeo-Romance language, most linguists seem to agree that the language of the Jews of Medieval France did not differ significantly from Old French. According to this view, the main particularity of Judeo-French lies in its distinct writing system)
    • found: WikiVerb website, Oct. 27, 2009 (Language: Judeo-French. Alternate names: Zarphatic. Judeo-French was the language used by the Jews who lived during the Middle Ages in a territory corresponding with the northern regions of modern France. It was also spoken in parts of what is now west-central Germany, in such cities as Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, and Aachen. Judeo-French is a variant of the langue d'oïl version of Old French and it is recorded in a rich collection of short texts, mainly glosses to Hebrew commentaries on the Bible and the Talmud that were written in Hebrew script. Judeo-French has been extinct since the Middle Ages)
    • found: Ethnologue, Oct. 27, 2009 (Zarphatic. An extinct language of France. Alternate names: Judeo-French. Classification: Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Gallo-Iberian, Gallo-Romance, Gallo-Rhaetian, Oïl, French. Comments: Jewish)
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    • 2009-11-28: revised
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