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Land cover

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    • Cover, Land
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    • found: Work cat.: Nishi, J.S. Review of land cover data and suitability of ALCES for evaluating cumulative effects on boreal caribou in the Dehcho Region, 2009.
    • found: Wikipedia, May 25, 2010(Land cover is the physical material at the surface of the earth. Land covers include grass, asphalt, trees, bare ground, water, etc. There are two primary methods for capturing information on land cover: field survey and analysis of remotely sensed imagery. Land cover is distinct from land use despite the two terms often being used interchangeably. Land use is a description of how people utilize the land and socio-economic activity - urban and agricultural land uses are two of the most commonly known land use classes.)
    • found: Biodiversity, c2001, via WWW, May 25, 2010:p. 194 (land cover: the physical state of the land surface, including vegetation, soil, rock and human-made structures)
    • found: Lund, H.G. Definitions of forest, deforestation, afforestation, and reforestation, via WWW, May 25, 2010(Land cover is the vegetation or other kind of material that covers the land surface. Land use is the purpose of human activity on the land; it is usually, but not always, related to land cover.)
    • found: Strategic plan for the Climate Change Science Program, 2003:p. 196 (Land cover: The vegetation and artificial built-up materials covering the land surface. This includes areas of vegetation (forests, shrublands, crops, deserts, lawns), bare soil, developed surfaces (paved land, buildings), and wet areas and bodies of water (watercourses, wetlands). Land use: The total of arrangements, activities, and inputs undertaken in a certain land cover type (a set of human actions). The social and economic purposes for which land is managed (e.g., grazing, timber extraction, and conservation).)
    • found: State of the Environment (SoE) Tasmania 2003, via WWW, May 25, 2010:Land > Land Tenure, Land Use and Land Cover (Land cover refers to the physical state of the land surface and includes vegetation, soil, rock, water and man-made structures. It represents the cumulative consequence of human influence and ecological processes over many thousands of years.)
    • notfound: Web. 3;Witherick, M. A modern dict. of geog., 2001;The Houghton Mifflin dict. of geog., c1997;Clark, A.N. Longman dict. of geog., human and physical, 1985;Skinner, M. Dict. of geog., 1999;Clark, A.N. The Penguin dict. of geog., 2003;The encyclopedic dict. of physical geog., 1994;Whittow, J.B. The Penguin dict. of physical geog., 2000;The dict. of physical geog., 2000
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