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Kereyid (Asian people)

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    • Gireĭ (Asian people)
    • Kelie (Asian people)
    • Keraĭ (Asian people)
    • Kerait (Asian people)
    • Kerėd (Asian people)
    • Kėrėėd (Asian people)
    • Kereĭ (Asian people)
    • Kereid (Asian people)
    • Kereit (Asian people)
    • Keriyed (Asian people)
    • Khėrėėd (Asian people)
    • Khėrėėn (Asian people)
    • Khėrėĭd (Asian people)
    • Zubu (Asian people)
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    • found: Work cat.: Kereity v ėtnogeneze narodov Evrazii, 2008:cover (Keriyed [i.e. Kereyid in Mong. script] p. 5, etc. (Kereit, Kereid, Kerait, Kerėd, Kėrėėd, Khėrėėd, Khėrėėn, Khėrėĭd, Kereĭt, Keraĭ, Kereĭ, Gireĭ); important historical Central Asian ethnic group; Turkic or Mongolian; called Zubu by Liao and earlier Chinese dynasties; occupied eastern part of today's Mongolia and adjacent parts of today's China and Russia)
    • found: Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire, c2004(Kereyid (Kerait, Kereit); khanate and major power in Mongolia during the time of Genghis Khan; seems to have originated as a branch of the Tatar tribe; Chinese referred to Tatars nomadizing in the later Kereyid territory Zubu; language unclear; Kereyid court was either bilingual or predominantly Mongol speaking; many names and titles are Turkic; ruling family of Kereyid were Syriac (Nestorian) Christians, converted early in the 11th century according to Syriac records)
    • found: Chinaknowledge web site, searched July 26, 2010(Kereyids (Keraits, Kelie); called Zubu by the Liao; one of the mightiest peoples of the Mongolian steppe before the Mongol federation swallowed them; Nestorian Christianity widespread among them; mother of Kublai Khan was a Kereyid)
    • found: Wikipedia, searched July 26, 2010(Kerait (Keraits or Kereits); cluster of tribes in Central Asia; ethnicity: Mongolian or Turkic; people with clan names derived from Keraits still found among the Ordos and Baarin in Inner Mongolia, the Khalkha of northern Mongolia, and Kazakhs of the Middle Juz of Kazakhstan; the Torghuts are also thought to be descendants of the Keraits)
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    • 2010-09-09: revised
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