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    • Casanovas (Womanizers)
    • Don Juans (Womanizers)
    • Philanderers (Womanizers)
    • Rakes (Womanizers)
    • Womanisers
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Le cavaleur [VR] c1984(Summary note: The story of Edouard Choiseul, a philandering concert pianist who indulges in many affairs only to finally find himself alone and coping with advanced age and his general irresponsibility)
    • found: Sedita, S. The eight characters of comedy : a guide to sitcom acting and writing, c2006:table of contents (the womanizer/manizer)
    • found: OED online, May 17, 2011:womanizer (one who goes after or consorts illicitly with women) philanderer (A man who philanders; a male flirt; philander: 1. intr. Esp. of a man: to flirt; to engage in casual sexual or romantic encounters) Casanova (Used allusively of a man whose amorous activities resemble those of Casanova) Don Juan (A rake, libertine, roué) rake (1. A fashionable or stylish man of dissolute or promiscuous habits. (2. A woman of similar character) libertine (3. A person (typically a man) who is not restrained by morality, esp. with regard to sexual relations; a person of dissolute or promiscuous habits) roué (A debauched or dissolute man, typically one who is wealthy or aristocratic, and (now) esp. an elderly one; a rake, a libertine, a playboy) playboy (2. orig. Irish English. A person, usually a wealthy man, who leads a life of pleasure, esp. one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous)
    • found: American heritage dict. of the English lang., c2000:womanize (v. intr. To pursue women lecherously; womanizer n.) philander (intr. v. 1. To carry on a sexual affair, esp. an extramarital affair, with a woman one cannot or does not intend to marry. Used of a man. 2. To engage in many love affairs, esp. with a frivolous, informal, or casual attitude. Used of a man; philanderer n.) Casanova (1. A man who is amorously and gallantly attentive to women. 2. A promiscuous man; a philanderer) Don Juan (1. A libertine; a profligate. 2. A man who is an obsessive seducer of women)
    • found: Random House Webster's unabridged dict., c1997:womanizer (a philanderer) philander (v.i. (of a man) to make love with a woman one cannot or will not marry; carry on flirtations; philanderer n.) Casanova (a man with a reputation for having many amorous adventures; rake; Don Juan) Don Juan (3. a ladies' man; womanizer) rake (a dissolute or profligate person, esp. a man who is licentious; roué. Syn. libertine, profligate, lecher, womanizer)
    • found: Web. 3:womanizer (a man who pursues or associates illicitly with women) philanderer (one that plays at courtship: a fickle lover: a flirt) casanova (lover; esp: a man who is a promiscuous and unscrupulous lover) don juan (pl. don juans, usually capitalized: a man that pursues women: libertine)
    • found: The free online dict., May 17, 2011(womaniser - a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them; philanderer, womanizer; Casanova - any man noted for his amorous adventures; Don Juan - any successful womanizer)
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    • 2011-05-24: new
    • 2011-08-31: revised
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