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Seed dispersal by birds

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    • Avian seed dispersal
    • Bird-mediated seed dispersal
    • Bird seed dispersal
    • Ornithochorous seed dispersal
    • Ornithochory
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Rogers, H.S. The fate of a silent forest : the effects of complete bird loss on the forests of Guam, 2011:p. 2 (avian seed dispersal) p. 3 (seed dispersal by birds)
    • found: OCLC, Feb. 22, 2012(in titles: bird activity and seed dispersal; avian frugivory and seed dispersal; seed dispersal capabilities of fruit-eating birds; seed dispersal by birds; seed dispersal by New Guinea birds; birds as seed dispersal agents; seed dispersal by bats and birds; seed dispersal by fall migrant frugivorous birds; seed dispersal of mistletoes by birds; L'ornithochorie dans différents milieux du Sahel et de l'Algérois)
    • found: The new encyc. Britannica, 15th ed., c2010:v. 26, p. 632 (zoochory, dispersal by animals; within the zoochorous group further differentiation according to the carriers can be made: saurochory, dispersal by reptiles; ornithochory, by birds; myrmecochory, by ants)
    • found: Wikipedia, Feb. 22, 2012:Seed dispersal (Animals can disperse plant seeds in several ways, all named zoochory. Seed dispersal via ingestion by vertebrate animals (mostly birds and mammals), or endozoochory, is the dispersal mechanism for most tree species; types of zoochory are myrmecochory (by ants), chiropterochory (by bats), malacochory (by molluscs, mainly terrestrial snails), and ornithochory (by birds))
    • found: Mountain ecosystems, c2005:p. 326 (ornithochorous seed dispersal)
    • found: International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal (5th : 2010 : Montpellier, France). Frugivores and seed dispersal, 2010, via 5th International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal website, Feb. 22, 2012:p. 53 (Bird-mediated seed dispersal) p. 65 (ornithochory) p. 120 (Avian seed dispersal)
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    • 2012-05-04: revised
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