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Seed dispersal by ants

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    • Ant-mediated seed dispersal
    • Ant seed dispersal
    • Myrmecochorous dispersal
    • Myrmecochorous seed dispersal
    • Myrmecochory
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    • found: Work cat.: Gorb, E. Seed dispersal by ants in a deciduous forest ecosystem, c2003:p. xi (seed dispersal by ants (myrmecochory); form of mutualistic ant-plant interrelations)
    • found: The new encyc. Britannica, 15th ed., c2010:v. 26, p. 632 (zoochory, dispersal by animals; within the zoochorous group further differentiation according to the carriers can be made: saurochory, dispersal by reptiles; ornithochory, by birds; myrmecochory, by ants)
    • found: Wikipedia, Feb. 22, 2012:Seed dispersal (Animals can disperse plant seeds in several ways, all named zoochory; types of zoochory are myrmecochory (by ants), chiropterochory (by bats), malacochory (by molluscs, mainly terrestrial snails), and ornithochory (by birds))
    • found: Zelikova, T.J. Variation in the effects of ants on seed dispersal and ecosystem processes, 2008:abstr. (a key community process in which ants participate is seed dispersal; ant-mediated seed dispersal processes; seed dispersal by ants)
    • found: OCLC, Feb. 22, 2012(titles: The costs and benefits of myrmecochory between ants and Datura in the Sonoran Desert; The effect of myrmecochory upon populations of Asarum canadense L., Aristolochiaceae; Experimental and comparative study of myrmecochory; The evolutionary ecology of myrmecochory in Corydalis aurea; Factors affecting myrmecochory in fynbos; The geographical mosaic of myrmecochory in a global biodiversity hotspot and the fate of myrmecochorous seeds dispersed by a keystone seed disperser; Legume, seed, and myrmecochorous dispersal in Kennedia and Hardenbergia (Fabaceae), with a remark on the Durian theory; Observations of myrmecochory in northern Michigan; Combining distance of ballistic and ant seed dispersal in Adriana quadripartita; A comparison between rates of seed predation by rodents and dispersal by ants; Convergent evolution of seed dispersal by ants, and phylogeny and biogeography in flowering plants; Correlated evolution of ant seed dispersal and flowering phenology in the herbaceous flora of the temperate deciduous forest biome; Seed dispersal by ants; Seed dispersal by ants and its consequences for the phenology of plants; Seed dispersal by ants and its global effect on angiosperm diversification; Seed dispersal by ants in the Rocky Mountains; Seed dispersal by ants in the semi-arid caatinga of north-east Brazil)
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