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Dystopian plays

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    • Anti-utopian drama
    • Anti-utopian plays
    • Cacotopian drama
    • Cacotopian plays
    • Dystopian drama
    • Dystopias--Drama
    • Dystopias--Juvenile drama
    • Dystopic drama
    • Dystopic plays
    • Negative utopian drama
    • Negative utopian plays
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 91027731: Klaić, D. The plot of the future: utopia and dystopia in modern drama, c1991.
    • found: Farioli, M. Mundus alter: utopie e distopie nella commedia greca antica, c2001.
    • found: Owens, R. George Orwell's 1984: a play in three acts, c1963.
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    • found: De Fays, H. Neo-Luddism in a Mexican novel, in CiberLetras, Jan. 2001, viewed online Mar. 15, 2012("In The Plot of the Future, Dragan Klaić uses the term 'dystopia' to refer to the 'pessimistic type of predictive drama' he analyzes. As Klaić explains, he prefers the term 'dystopia' to 'anti-utopia' or 'counterutopia' because ''dystopia' conveys the withering away of utopia, its gradual abandonment or reversal'"; dystopian drama)
    • found: Beaumont, M. Cacotopianism, the Paris Commune, and England's anti-Communist imaginary, 1870-1900, in ELH, summer 2006, via JSTOR, viewed on Mar. 13, 2012:p. 465 (cacotopia; "I use the term 'cacotopian' in a slightly different sense, to specify a particular manifestation of the anti-utopian, or dystopian, imagination. ... Cacotopia implies not simply the opposite of utopia but something pernicious in its own right") p. 467 (the cacotopian genre; the cacotopia's emergence as a genre or subgenre; cacotopias)
    • found: Guidelines on subject access to individual works of fiction, drama, etc., 2000(Dystopias. Use for works that are accounts of imaginary worlds, usually in the future, in which present tendencies, beliefs, principles, or theories are carried out to their intensely unpleasant culmination. Used for: Anti-utopias; Dystopian fiction. BT: Fantasy fiction. RT: Utopian fiction)
    • found: Google search, Mar. 15, 2012(36,000 results for "dystopian drama"; 96 results for "dystopian plays"; 998 results for "dystopic drama"; 5 results for "dystopic plays"; 120 results for "anti-utopian drama"; 3 results for "anti-utopian plays"; 1 result for "antiutopian drama"; 0 results for "antiutopian plays"; 0 results for "cacotopian drama", "cacotopian plays", "counterutopian drama", "counterutopian plays", "counter-utopian drama", "counter-utopian plays", "negative utopian drama", and "negative utopian plays"; 1,530,000 results for "dystopias"; 48,000 results for "anti-utopias"; 3,050 results for "antiutopias"; 4,970 results for "cacotopias"; 28 results for "counterutopias"; 749 results for "counter-utopias"; 8,920 results for "negative utopias")
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