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Remote procedure calls

  • URI(s)

  • Instance Of

  • Scheme Membership(s)

  • Collection Membership(s)

  • Variants

    • Calls, Remote procedure
    • RPCs (Remote procedure calls)
  • Broader Terms

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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Hellerstein, J. Recognizing end-user transactions in performance management, 2000:abstr. (We propose a machine learning approach to recognizing end-user transactions consisting of sequences of remote procedure calls (RPCs) received at a server)
    • found: International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (1997 : Las Vegas, Nev.). PDPTA '97, 1997:v. 2, p. 1133 (Remote Procedure Calls are a widely used interaction mechanism in distributed systems. Basically a procedure is executed on a remote server, transferring the control flow (including some arguments) from the client to the server until the request is executed and the result is returned. Extensions to this synchronous concept include, among others, asynchronous RPC)
    • found: Wiley encyclopedia of electrical and electronics engineering, 1999:v. 18, p. 459 (The remote procedure call (RPC) is a computer technology for interprocess communications. A calling program uses an RPC to invoke a program running in another process. This other process may be running on the local host machine or may be on another host machine)
    • found: Formal techniques in real-time and fault-tolerant systems, 1988:p. 209 (Remote procedure calls (rpcs) are a distributed programming facility enabling a client program to call a procedure that will be executed by a server computation running on a remote machine)
    • found: SOA glossary, via WWW, June 12, 2012(RPC (remote procedure call) -- A technology platform used to enable components on different physical servers to communicate with each other. RPC technology relies on the use of a proxy that represents a remote component by providing a local copy of that component's technical interface for the component initiating the invocation of the remote component)
    • found: Britannica online, Aug. 10, 2012(API; there are 4 primary types of APIs: remote procedure calls (RPCs); standard query language (SQL); file transfer APIs; and message delivery APIs)
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    • 2012-05-17: new
    • 2012-09-13: revised
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