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Sexual minorities' families

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    • found: Work cat.: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parented families, 2008:ack. (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parented-families) p. 3 (LGBT-parented families; LGBT-headed families; families of same-sex parents; families with one or more same-sex attracted parents; the primary difference between LGBT-parented and heterosexual-parented families is that the former live in a legal, public policy, social, and discursive context in which discrimination and prejudice on the basis of the parents' gender or sexuality are a feature of day-to-day life; LGBT parents and their families)
    • found: All children matter : how legal and social inequalities hurt LGBT families, ©2011:PDF t.p. verso (LGBT people and their families; LGBT-headed families; LGBTQ families) p. 6 (This report uses the term "LGBT families" to refer either to families in which an LGBT adult is raising children or to families in which a same-sex couple is raising children.) p. 31 (LGB households) p. 88 (LGBT households)
    • found: Journal of GLBT family studies, v. 7, issue 1-2 (2011), viewed online June 26, 2012:p. 1 (GLBT-parented families) p. 2 (GLBT-headed families)
    • found: Journal of GLBT family studies, v. 2, issue 3-4 (2006), viewed online June 26, 2012:p. 7 (sexual minorities and their families; GLBTQ families; families of sexual minorities) p. 9 (Queer families are very diverse and include sexual minority youth and their families, parents in heterosexual marriages who later identify as sexual minorities, gay and lesbian couples who adopt or have children of their own, persons who are transgender and their families, and young adults in families who identify as bisexual and enter into same-sex relationships; sexual minority families) p. 10 (Forms of Sexual Minority Families. GLBTQ families can take many forms, so comprehensibly defining the typical GLBTQ family can be slippery territory. While members of straight families are generally biologically linked, it is common for GLBTQ families to contain members who are not biologically connected but who form families via adoption or establish a family of choice, the latter by maintaining close ties within their lesbian and gay communities. ... Like straight parents, GLBTQ parents can be single or in couples, adoptive, or biological. Some biological GLBTQ parents have had children in the context of heterosexual marriages. In this case, continuing relationships with the other biological parent and her/his family of origin may need to be negotiated. Other biological GLBTQ parents choose to have children within the context of a same-sex partnership. In many lesbian couples, artificial insemination is the method of reproductive choice using either a known or an unknown donor.)
    • found: I think I might have a GLBT family in my class--now what do I do?, viewed online June 26, 2012:t.p. verso (GLBT-headed families)
    • found: All children, all families, viewed online June 26, 2012:p. 2 (GLBT-headed families; GLBT families)
    • found: Archives of sexual behavior, Dec. 2008, viewed online June 26, 2012:p. 865 (sexual minority-headed families)
    • found: School psychology review, v. 29, issue 2 (2000), viewed online June 26, 2012:p. 207 (families headed by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender parents) p. 208 (sexual minority-parented families)
    • found: OCLC, June 26, 2012(in titles: LGBT families; GLBT families; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender families; sexual-minority families; GLBT family studies; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender family law)
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    • 2012-09-13: revised
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