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Cowpunk music

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    • Country punk rock music
    • Cow punk music
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    • found: 500 Miles to Memphis (Musical group). We've built up to nothing [SR] 2010.
    • found: Yeehaa Cowboys (Musical group). Cowpunk baby, cowpunk! [SR] 1997.
    • found: Yeehaa Cowboys, via, Sept. 13, 2012(Purveyors of cowpunk from Toronto)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 13, 2012:Cowpunk (Cowpunk or Country punk is a subgenre of punk rock that began in the UK and California in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It combines punk rock or New Wave with country music, folk music, and blues in sound, subject matter, attitude, and style. Many of the musicians in this scene have now become associated with alternative country or roots rock. Stylistic origins: Punk rock, New Wave, southern rock, roots rock, country, country rock. Cultural origins: Late 1970s United Kingdom and early 1980s Los Angeles. Typical instruments: Vocals - Electric guitar - Bass - Drums - Occasional use of other instruments. Mainstream popularity: Underground, but received moderate attention in the early 1990s with Social Distortion gaining gold certifications in the U.S. Derivative forms: Alternative country. In list of notable cowpunk bands: 500 Miles to Memphis) 500 Miles to Memphis (500 Miles to Memphis is an American Cowpunk band from Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • found:, Sept. 13, 2012(Cowpunk. A precursor to the alternative country-rock of the decade to follow, Cowpunk was a 1980s phenomenon incorporating the mood and texture of traditional country music with the energy and attitude of punk; listed as a subgenre of Alternative/Indie Rock)
    • found:, Sept. 13, 2012(cowpunk: a musical style combining country-and-western with punk rock; by extension, a performer of this, the culture associated with it)
    • found: Oxford dictionaries online, Sept. 13, 2012(cowpunk: a type of popular music combining elements of country and western with those of punk rock.)
    • found: What is cow punk?, via Punk Lesson 101 website, Sept. 13, 2012(Cow Punk is Country Punk. Los Angeles Art-Punk pioneers X grew into a sort-of Cow Punk band as their career progressed. The Beat Farmers, Mojo Nixon, Dash Rip Rock and Social Distortion are all Cow Punk bands.)
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    • 2013-01-25: revised
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