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  • Here are entered works on the ethnically mixed people of Chinese and Portuguese descent originating in Macau, China.

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    • Macao creoles
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    • found: Work cat.: 2011480664: Pinto, I.M.R.C. A comunidade macaense em Portugal, 2011:p. 13 (in English abstract: the Macanese ethnic group; in this research we used a sample of 50 Macanese) p. 4 of cover ([cataloger's translation] the more than 400 yrs. of Portuguese presence in Macau gave rise to a Luso-Asian ethnic group: the Macanese ethnic group, possessor of a culture of its own)
    • found: Biographical dict. of social and cultural anthropology, 2004, via WWW, Dec. 14, 2012:under Pina-Cabral, João de (the Macanese of China; Eurasians of Macao; people of Portuguese ancestry)
    • found: Britannica online, Dec. 14, 2012:under Macau (nearly all the population are ethnic Chinese; there are also small groups of other Asians, mainly Filipinos and people of mixed Chinese and Portuguese ancestry (often called Macanese))
    • found: CIA world factbook, via WWW, Dec. 14, 2012:under Macau (ethnic groups: Chinese 94.3%, other 5.7% (includes Macanese--mixed Portuguese and Asian ancestry) (2006 census))
    • found: Merriam-Webster unabridged, via WWW, Dec. 14, 2012(macanese; usually capitalized; one of a population of Portuguese-Chinese stock who live in Macao on the coast of southern China)
    • found: OED, via WWW, Dec. 14, 2012(Macanese: a native or inhabitant of Macao, esp. one of mixed Chinese and Portuguese descent)
    • found: Olson, J.S. Ethnohistorical dict. of China, 1998(the term "Macanese" can be a generic reference to all residents of Macao, but more specifically it refers to the more than 30,000 people of Portuguese-Han descent living in Macao)
    • found: Joshua Project WWW site, Feb. 7, 2013:(Macanese; alternate name: Macao Creole)
    • notfound: Encyc. of world cultures, 1991-1996;Encyc. of world cultures. Supplement, c2002;Worldmark encyc. of cultures and daily life, 2009
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    • Here are entered works on the ethnically mixed people of Chinese and Portuguese descent originating in Macau, China.
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    • 2012-12-14: new
    • 2013-03-13: revised
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