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Camassia quamash

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  • Variants

    • Blue camas
    • Blue camass
    • Camash
    • Camassia esculenta
    • Cammas
    • Cammassa esculenta
    • Camosh
    • Common camas
    • Common camash
    • Great camas
    • Indian camas
    • Kamaas
    • Kamas
    • Kamass
    • Lackamas
    • Lakamas
    • Lakamass
    • Lakammas
    • Phalagium esculentem
    • Phalagium quamash
    • Phalangium quamash
    • Quamash
    • Quamash root
    • Quawmash
    • Small camas
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Smith, H.L. Camas : the plant that caused wars, 1978:p. 3 (camas, or quamash root) p. 4 (quawmash) p. 7 (quamash; Phalagium Quamash; Phalagium esculentem) p. 9 (cammas; kamass; lakamass; camas; kamas; lakamas; lakammas; camash; kamaas; lackamas; Cammassa [sic] esculenta) p. 20 (Camas (Camassia esculenta); edible variety also called quamash (Camassia quamash))
    • found: The plants database, via WWW, Jan. 15, 2013(Camassia quamash - small camas; subspecies: Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. azurea (A. Heller) Gould - small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. breviflora Gould - small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. intermedia Gould - small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. linearis Gould - small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. maxima Gould - small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. quamash - small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. utahensis Gould - Utah small camas; Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene ssp. walpolei (Piper) Gould - Walpole's small camas)
    • found: Common camas, via USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website, Jan. 15, 2013:t.p. (common camas, Camassia quamash ssp. beviflora [sic]; alternative names: small camas, blue camas; Camassia esculenta; Camas was and continues to be one of the most important "root" foods of western North American indigenous peoples, from southwestern British Columbia to Montana, and south to California. The part of the plant that was relished is actually a bulb.) p. 2 (Common camas (Camassia quamash ssp. breviflora); Common camas is distinguished from great camas (Camassia quamash ssp. quamash))
    • found: Wetland restoration, enhancement, and management, 2003, viewed online Jan. 15, 2013:p. 33 (Camassia quamash; Camas, small)
    • found: ITIS, Jan. 15, 2013(Camassia quamash - accepted - common camas, small camas)
    • found: GRIN taxonomy for plants, via WWW, Jan. 15, 2013(Camassia quamash. Common names: blue camass; camash; camosh; common camas; common camash; quamash. Synonyms: Phalangium quamash. Subordinate taxa: Camassia quamash subsp. maxima; Camassia quamash subsp. quamash)
    • found: Wikipedia, Jan. 15, 2013(Camassia quamash. Quamash (Camassia quamash), also known as Small Camas, is a perennial herb. It is one species of the genus Camassia and is native to western North America in large areas of southern Canada and the northwestern United States, from British Columbia and Alberta to California and east from Washington state to Montana and Wyoming; listed under Camassia: Camassia quamash - Quamash, Indian Camas, Small Camas)
  • LC Classification

    • QK495.A83
  • Change Notes

    • 2013-01-15: new
    • 2013-04-05: revised
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