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Cyberspace operations (Military science)

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    • Cyber war (Military science)
    • Cyberwar (Military science)
    • Cyberspace warfare (Military science)
    • Cyberwarfare (Military science)
    • Offensive cyber operations (Military science)
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    • found: Work cat: Analysis of how the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) strengthens the way ahead for cyberspace operations, 2008
    • found: Cyber warriors at war, 2010(cyberwar; cyberspace operations)
    • found: Do the principles of war apply to cyber war, 2009(cyberwar; cyberspace operations)
    • found: Cyberspace operations, Air Force doctrine document 3-12, 2012:p. 1 (Cyberspace operations are not synonymous with information operations (IO); Cyberspace operations are the employment of cyberspace capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve military objectives or effects in or through cyberspace.)
    • found: The national military strategy for cyberspace operations (U), 2006: p. 1 (The National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations (NMS-CO) is the comprehensive military strategy for the US Armed Forces to ensure US superiority in cyberspace. It serves to begin integrating cyberspace operations with DOD's national defense role in the areas of military, intelligence, and business perations.) p. 2 (DOD will execute the full range of military operations (ROMO) in and through cyberspace to defeat, dissuade, and deter threats against US interests. Also, under the authorities of the Secretary of Defense, DOD will use network exploitation to gather intelligence and shape the cyberspace environment as necessary to provide integrated offensive and defensive options. DOD will leverage the authorities and capabilities of those agencies under the Director of National Intelligence, as appropriate. DOD may conduct cyberspace operations across national boundaries and will, in some cases, require global actions to be coordinated across geopolitical and theater boundaries. DOD will partner with the Intelligence Community (I C), Department of Justice (DoJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other Federal departments and agencies to further DOD cyberspace operations)
    • found: Small wars journal article, Dec. 11, 2012 viewed online Apr. 4, 2013(cyberspace operations might be defined as "the employment of cyberspace capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve objectives in or through cyberspace." This broad definition, similar to one the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs proposed in 2010 that was not widely embraced, encompasses the full array of military and other national cyber operations possible within cyberspace and ranges from gaining access to a computer system through conducting espionage to executing a cyber attack)
    • found: Army posture statement, 2012 viewed online Apr. 4, 2013:Addendum K, Army Cyber Command and cyberspace operations (Military operations and cyberspace operations have converged and protecting information in and through cyberspace is more essential now than ever to how the Army fights. The advantage will go to those able to maintain the freedom to operate and able to gain, protect, and exploit information in the contested cyberspace domain. U.S. Army Cyber Command/2nd Army is the Army Service Component Command responsible for global Army information and cyberspace operations. Army Cyber Command plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes, directs, and conducts network operations and defense of all Army networks. When directed, the command conducts cyberspace operations in support of offensive cyberspace operations to ensure U.S./Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and to deny the same to adversaries. Also, Army Cyber Command conducts the Information Operations (IO) mission for the Army and is the Army proponent for cyberspace)
    • found: DOD dictionary of military terms, as amended through January 2014, viewed online July 14, 2014:cyberspace operations (The employment of cyberspace capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve objectives in or through cyberspace.)
    • found: 2019042073: Delerue, F. Cyber operations and international law, 2020:CIP galley (Offensive cyber operations; Cyberwarfare)
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    • 2020-04-23: revised
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