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    • Oligomers, Thiophene
    • Thiophene oligomers
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    • found: Work cat.: Xia, C. Thiophene oligomers, polymers, and dendrimers for organic electronics, 2002:leaves 4-5 (Thiophene oligomers and polymers. Thiophene-related oligomers and polymers remain some of the most versatile conjugated polymers, owing to their versatile chemistry and demonstrated applications in organic electronic devices. ... Oligothiophenes (OTs) were first considered as the model compounds for PTs [polythiophenes]. However, they have also found applications in organic electronics, including FETs [field-effect transistors], OLEDs [organic light-emitting diodes], and photoconductive and photovoltaic devices. The well-defined structure of oligomers provide a simple system compared to polymers in understanding the mechanisms of charge transport and molecular packing, as well as testing their performance)
    • found: Journal of applied spectroscopy, May/June 1992:p. 440 (Interest has increased greatly in recent years in conjugated linear polymers based on thiophene oligomers (oligothiophenes), since they are electrically conductive in air. Oligothiophenes are also known as biologically active compounds that photosensitize singlet oxygen)
    • found: Dictionary of terms in organic electronics, via WWW, Oct. 25, 2013(Oligothiophenes are important small molecule [rho]-conductors for smOTFT [small molecule organic thin film transistor] applications. Some of oligothiophenes are solution processible that may afford certain advantage in device fabrication over oligoacenes. Polythiophenes are polymeric ("extended") analogs of oligothiophenes)
    • found: Heterocyclic supramolecules II, 2009:p. 104 (Oligothiophenes have been the most well-studied [pi]-conjugated oligomers owing to their excellent characteristics in organic electronics in addition to the versatility in chemical modification of the thiophene ring)
    • found: Radical polymerization, polyelectrolytes, 1999:p. 110 (Oligothiophenes are undoubtedly the flagship example when addressing conjugated oligomers. ... As one would expect, the properties of an oligomer is [sic] greatly a function of length. Oligothiophenes of up to six rings have been shown to polymerize with longer species being less reactive. Likewise, it has also been shown that oligothiophenes containing 11 or more rings exhibit electronic properties in the range of PT [polythiophene])
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    • QD382.C665
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    • 2013-10-28: new
    • 2014-03-20: revised
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